Building a business~ Games & Toys

Learn to build your business using toys and games!!

Learn about how your favorite games and toys are made and marketed. What makes them fun and appealing? You are about to get the chance to create your very own game or toy. But not only that... You will create a marketing plan. How will you advertise to everyone your newly created toy or game??

Project Goals

  • Develop the essential skills of logical thinking, creative problem solving, intellectual risk taking,

    and communicating

  • Make connections across disciplines

  • Study businesses and discover attributes that make them successful

Timeline of Toys

What you Need to Complete

Study a popular toy and what made it popular.

Create a Game or toy.

Decide who you will be marketing to.

Create a plan for advertising and selling your final product.

Caine's Arcade

Watch how this little boy uses his imagination and a few resources to create his own arcade.
Caine's Arcade