Along the Nile River

By: Allison Dempski

The Nile's Importance

The Nile is important in many ways. The Nile is a great way of transportation. It doesn't pollute anything, it saves you from paying for gas and you can see the beauty if you use the Nile to get around. It is also a great source for drinking water or water to clean your clothes. The Nile is a source of food for the people who live near the Nile. You can catch some fish or anything else they eat. All these things show the diversity about the Nile and how people depend on it daily.

One great thing is the Aswan Dam. The Aswan Dam was built in the 1960-70s in Aswan, Egypt. The Aswan Dam is located near the Nile River and the East African drainage basin. It was built to control floods, provide water for irrigation and generate hydroelectric power for Egypt's industrialization. This structure does use turbines. It doesn't pollute the water but does decrease the population of fish.

Another great thing is Lake Tana. Lake Tana is located in Ethiopia. It is right at the end of the Blue River. It is a bright green lake surrounded by a lot of rocks.

One last place along the Nile River is Cairo, Egypt. Cairo has 11 million people living there. It gets most of its water supply from the Nile River. The population growth and pollution is putting pressure on the water supply because there are a lot of people and things that need water.


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