The Haymeadow

Gary Paulson


The genre of The Haymeadow is realistic fiction.

I know this because it does not have historic events in it and this could happen in real life.

Personial Connection

A personal connection I can make is John (the main character) and I both like the outdoors He is in the middle of the woods, and I used to live in the woods. Also he is almost always outside.


Text Evidence- "But at last they were back at the wagon and it was time for his father to leave and just then, just at that moment John did not want his father to leave."

Backround Knowledge-I know that John was not very fond of his father at the beginning of the book.

Inference-I infer that Johns father telling him about his past and that he came to visit changed Johns feelings about his father. Pg. 193

Text Evidence-"I'll go crazy he thought. Nuts. I don't even know what to do."

Backround Knowledge-I know that John has to be alone for three months very far away from his home with 6,000 sheep.

Inference-I infer that John is very nervous and does not want to go to the haymeadow Pg.24

Character Traits

Curious-John is always wanting to know about his mother and grandfather. "He wondered what it would be like if he had lived then."

Brave/Responsible-He left his wagon when he didn't know what the noise was. "He had no idea what it was when he heard the noise and rolled out of the bunk."

Caring/Kind-He pulled his injured dog far back to the cabin. "and it took him the better of two hours to pull peg on his shirt back to the wagon.

Plot Diagram

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John wanted to please his father but that would mean he would have to go to the haymeadow. So he faces all the challenges of staying at the haymeadow alone. Then his father came and stayed with him for the rest of the time

Nonfiction Research

Cattle Drives

Cattle drives started after the civil war. Cattle could be driven as far as 25 miles a day, they lost so much weight they would be hard to sell at the end of the trail. Cattle drives were usually herded by cowboys on horses. Cowboys worked shifts to watch the cattle 24 hours in daytime and watch them at night to prevent stampedes and theft

Readers Response-Gary Paulson as an author

-Gary Paulson is a very well known author. If you read his books you will notice he writes a lot about survival.

-I think that Gary Paulson is a great writer and I think that you will like his books too.

-When Gary Paulson was younger he was poor and often spent a lot of time on the street to avoid his parents fighting. After a lot of reading, Gary Paulson found a love for books. Then he decided to start writing them himself.

-Gary Paulson's life changed a lot, now he is an award winning author who has written over 175 books and 200 articles. I know that Gary Paulson had a tough life but he managed to get through it.

-In conclusion, I believe that you should read Gary Paulson's suspenseful and interesting books. I hope you enjoy reading Gary Paulson's books.

Compare and Contrast -Venn diagram

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