The Great Wide sea

Written By: M.H. Herlong


This book is a survival story that is difficult. The three brothers suddenly lose their mother and its heartbreaking but they try to help one another to get through their grief. Their father does not handle the loss well and does not respect his kids feelings about moving away from their home. The dads decision to sail in a broken boat puts the boys in harm's way. One of the brothers, Gerry is terrified of swimming, but his father pushes him under water and holds him there to teach him to swim. Alone on the island, the boys use their skills to persevere.

Main Characters

Ben (fifteen), Dylan (eleven), and Gerry (five)

Main Conflict

When the mother dies, The brothers share there feelings with their dad but the dad doesn't respect their feelings and he always tells the kids to shut up about it. The dad makes them move away from their house and they all live on a broken boat that the dad bought and they all start to fight and fight because they do not like were they are living.

About The Author

M.H. Herlong grew up in a small town in South Carolina. She went to The College of William and Mary in Williamsburg, Virginia, where she majored in English and studied fiction writing


“I wished we had milk – milk for strong bones. Dylan said he would eat the fish bones if I would quit talking about milk.”
M.H. Herlong, The Great Wide Sea

I Would recommend this book to you guys because this book has some action in it and if you like drama then you should read this book.