A monotheism religion

Followers of Christ

Every Sunday, Christians, the followers of Christianity, go to church where they worship the God of Abraham. The Bible is the Christian holy book. The Bible contains the Old Testament (scripture that happened before the birth of Jesus Christ) and the New Testament (scripture about the life of Christ and His teachings).

Christians believe in God, the Father and in His Son, Jesus Christ. They believe that Jesus is divine in nature and their savior. Christians believe that these two make up part of the Trinity. Most Christians believe that the Trinity is a being made up of the Father, His Son, and the Holy Spirit. A small portion of Christians believe that they are three distinct and individual beings. Christians believe in prayer and in the declaration of faith or salvation; that one day they will go to heaven.

Christians believe that baptism is the only way to be introduced into Christianity. Holy communion or sacrament is a practice where they partake of a bread and wine/water to remember the last supper and the sacrifice of Jesus Christ.

Christmas and Easter are two very important holidays representing the birth of Christ (Christmas) and His death and resurrection (Easter). Bethlehem was the birthplace of Jesus and Jerusalem was where he was crucified.

Within Christianity there are many different sects. Some of those include Catholics, Baptists, Methodists, Episcopal, Latter-day Saints, and Presbyterians. Ministers, preachers, pastors, priest, fathers, reverends and bishops all lead local churches.