By: Hayven Bearden

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  • The weather in Hawaii is great
  • There are things for your whole family to do
  • Its beaches are relaxing
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The Weather Is Always Nice

Hawaii is near the equator so it is almost always warm. If you don't like winter weather, then Hawaii is a good place to go. If you have to work during the summer, you can go to Hawaii in the winter like during Christmas Break and it will be warm. You can also go during Thanksgiving break. It's warm all year round.
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There Are Things For Your Whole Family To Do

There is almost everything to do in Hawaii. You can go swimming in a pool or on the beaches. You can go on a boat ride or go fishing with your family. There is also an activity in Hawaii where you can swim with the dolphins. There is something for everyone in your family to do.


The Beaches Are Relaxing

You can go to the beach in Hawaii. You can get a towel or chair and tan on the beach. You can swim in the ocean. You can take great pictures on the beach also. It makes great family pictures, friend pictures, or even just selfies. You can take pictures of the sunset, the ocean, or the sky.
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Hawaii is the best place to go for your family because there are things for your whole family to do and its really pretty in Hawaii.