John Adams

The Reason Why Our Country is Becoming a Failure

John Adams wants to take away your rights!

As a federalist, John Adams thinks a strong government will be best for the country. What he does not tell you is that your individual rights will be taken away. He tricks you into thinking that a strong, unified government will be best for our country. What is really happening is that he is making every person "equal". He wants everyone to be the same and not the individual you are. Thomas Jefferson on the other hand, wants every citizen to have their rights. Thomas Jefferson understands we just came from a monarchy. In England, King Charles took all of our rights away. We came here to get them back. With the Constitution, we would not have these rights that we just fought a war for. Thomas Jefferson insisted that the Bill of Rights should be added to the Constitution. He wants to protect the rights we have and deserve.

The states will have less power!

John Adams is going to take power away from the states. Everyone will have to abide by the same laws. Before, you could float from state to state only abiding by those laws. If you did not care for one set of laws, you could move to find one that fit you well. Now, every state will have the same basic for everyone. There is no personal decision. Everyone is equal; there is no individuality. This gives the government all of the power. The government can control our lives if they pleased. We cannot let this happen. John Adams will encourage this. He does not believe we can control ourselves with freedom.

We will have to pay taxes!!

As part of having a strong government, John Adams will force us to pay taxes. Why should we pay money to the government? We earned our money by working hard. Why should we give it up to the government? As a lower class, we have to pay more taxes than the rich. What sense does that make? The rich do not have to pay as much yet they have more money than we do. The rich do not even have to work as hard to get their money. The lower class has to do labor work to get the little money they make. How can this be called fair? The government is not making it equal even though they claim to be.
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Who will represent us?

John Adams believes that there should be few representatives. As a federalist, he believes that you should be able to understand a few people just as well as plenty. This is wrong. The actual people can change the opinion. If you have a few people who share the same beliefs, they will do as they want. There is no diversity. Our country is not made of one group of people. We have a diversity of people who share different thoughts and beliefs. There is no way to make it fair for everyone if not everyone is represented. The wealthy do not know how life in poverty is. They can only imagine it. This corresponds well with the taxation. The wealthy choose to tax themselves less and everyone else more. This is the reason it is not fair. The people in poverty do not have anyone to represent them to make it equal for them as well.
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