The Piping Plover

By: Jake Kasel

The Piping Plover -An Endangered U.S. Species


-The Plover is found along the Atlantic coast of the U.S., the Great Lakes, and along rivers and lakes int he Great Plains area.


-The plover is endangered because of human expansion along the Atlantic coast through recreation, commercial, and residential building. This is limiting their habitat to live in these places and they are dying because of it. They are also dying because of the redirection of rivers by humans that ruin their habitat and source of living and food.


-The Plover is very important economically because they get their food by picking scraps off of the shores of the Atlantic coast which then cleans these shores, and because the shores are clean, it brings in tourism to the coast, but if they are low in numbers because of endangerment, then the beaches won't be as clean and turn away tourism to the located places of the Plover.

-The Plover is also very important ecologically because they are an indicator species which means if there is a disease in the area, they would be very likely to first receive it, this would result in a decline in their population and indicate that there is a harmful disease in the area and that something needs to be done. If they are not present to play this role in the ecosystem then disease will flare up and harm other species which results in a loss in biodiversity.


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