The Golden Age Of Civilizations

-Diana Vazquez

The Golden Age Of Greece.

Greece experienced a Golden Age which was rich with art,music,drama,books,games,and education.The Golden Age was so rich with culture and it still impacts the wolrd today.

Greece Experience a Growth In Art

The Greece built huge theaters,which they used to perform dramas/plays.Those plays centered around cultural ideas like tragedy,comedy and romance

Sophocles-The most important playwright in the Golden Age of Greece.He wrote important plays.

Greece experienced a Golden Age in Philosphy

Socrates-One of the greatest Greek philosophers/thinker who encourange people to think for themselves.One of the methos he encouranged was for people to continue to ask questions about everything.

Plato- Great Greek philosopher who achieved the creation of the first Institution of higher learning.That institution was called the Academy in Athens Greece.

Plato's Academy

Aristotle-Greek philosopher who was student in Plato's Academy.Aristotle primarily worked in the sciences and question the make-up and existence of everything.Eventually Aristotle created his own academy called the Lyceum.

Aristotle Lyceum

Greece Experienced a Golden Age in its Government and Military

Pericles-The most important Greek statesman/leader during the Golden Age of Greec.He promotedthe arts,music,philosophy,religious belief and he inspired the Greeks through his leadership.

The Dallan League-This is a alliance of Greek City-States who

Gupta Empire Golden Age

Golden Age In Government

Leader during the Golden Age

Led for 40 years with peaceful


Golden Age In Math & Science


Discovered earth was round using eclipses

Calculated the solar year


Developed the concept of zero

the decimal system

Golden Age In Medicine

Plastic Surgery


Golden Age In Trade

Trade on silk and on the sea

The gupta empire becomes the middle-man between Asia & Europe

Golden Age of the Roman Empire

Golden Age of Rome: Government, Law and Military

Government:Rome has 5 good emperors who kept peace and increased the power of rome

Law:The romans made great advances in law

Military:Rome military had armored cavalry,siege weapons and well trained military

Video On Rome:

Golden Age of Rome: Architecture

Romans were leaders of construction using Arcs, Columns, Domes and Concrete.

Golden Age of Rome: Infrastructure

Roads:Romans built long straight roads totaling about 53,000 miles.The roads connected the Roman Empire to major regional centers.Used for military trade and travel.