Middle Ages Project

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The king was the ruler. He owned all the land, but let nobles and lords live on the land. He was protected by the knights and soldiers who also stayed on the land.
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Nobles or Lords

The nobles or lords bought land from the king. They then offered the land to knights in exchange for loyalty and protection. The nobles or lords wanted to know that they were safe.
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The knights stayed on the land the lords or nobles owned. Knights were soldiers who fought and protected the lords or nobles and also protected peasants. The knights were in charge of keeping everyone safe.
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Peasants were forced to live on the lords lands. They were in charge of cleaning the land and farming crops for food. The peasants had the worst lives. They paid taxes and taxed even more to use important items (like the mills) needed to do their jobs. The knights offered them protection for working on the land.
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Knights Lives

A knights most important part of his armor is his breastplate. When an object is thrown upon him and strikes his breastplate it won't kill him because it is made of metal. Another important part is his helmet because it protects his head. If one small object was to hit him in the head hard enough he would be dead instantly. Going into battle they would carry swords and other small weapons. The swords were easy to carry because they are lights and they can easily kill the enemy.

Roman Catholic

During the middle ages kingdoms were slowly changed to Christians. The Catholic pope became involved in problems that were not about religions things, like roads and helping the christian king expand his power. The biggest kingdom was the Franks. Frankish king allied with Catholic churches and expanded their power. Peasants could easily go to church because in every kingdom their was a church.
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The Plague Public Service Announcement

Hello people in the town, I bet you have heard of the new disease that is spreading around. This disease is called the plague or the black death. There are three different types of this disease. The first one is called the Bubonic plague. The symptoms include swelling of lymph nodes, black areas on the skin, fever, aches, chills and swelling of the body. The second one is called the Septicemic plague. The symptoms are exactly the same as bubonic but worse. This type also includes bleeding and seizures. If you get this type you have less than a day to die. The third and final type is called the Pnuemonic plague. The symptoms are coughing, coughing blood, and chest pain. You have 2 or less days to live if you have this disease. The black death first starts in a rat. The rat carries the disease until a mosquito sucks up the blood and finds a human. Once it finds a human it throws up the disease into the humans skin which causes the human to become infected. This all happened because of trade with Asia and Europe. Thank you and please be careful.

Letter Written by a knight

Dear editor,

I am a knight and I wanted to start off by saying your description of my people and I is quit accurate. As you stated I am a specially trained soldier who protects lords and peasants. Most of my days were of me training to become where I am now. Now a days I am off fighting wars and battles trying to protect the king himself, lords and peasants. I have a very dangerous job. I never know when I could be killed, but I do what I do for a good cause and that's all that matters. If you ever need to find me in my busy life I'll be out on the battle field.