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Dubai City Tour an Experience the Heaven on Earth

I had been to Dubai recently. It tempted me so much, so I put this small note for all to see and do tour in Dubai. The tour company was providing much of the Dubai Tourist information you need to know and organizing tours in Dubai during our Dubai city tour with lots of fun.

People give different names to the Arabic name Dubai, but there is no word that gives the exact meaning to the word “Dubai”. Whereas, there is another belief that the name is derived from the word Dho bhai, originated from the Indian national language Hindi. This could be so because India and the emirates have been long time trading partners and still the favorite trading partners. Whatever name you call it, Desert Safari Dubai it is a great place.

I am narrating my experience while I was in Abu Dhabi sightseeing tour. I have seen so many great things. I being an architectural engineer, this trip gave me so much knowledge and experience. There is no city in the world with so many skyscrapers each one unique and exquisite. I wondered as to how a country with vast expanses of desert and extreme climatic conditions for six months, could build a city so wonderful. It is unbelievable that any leadership can do so much in such a small span of time. In the early years of development, Dubai very much supported its growth with the immense oil money but the city no longer depends on oil money.

One should give most of its credit to Sheikh Rashid bin al Maktoum, the great visionary who laid the foundation stone for building this great emirate. There are so many things you would find, first of its kind in the whole world, but a country with scarce resources has taken financial assistance from petrol rich Kuwait to that build the Jebel Ali free zone. That became a stepping-stone of its growth and today Dubai is considered as the greatest city in the whole world.

This is one of the cities that attracts and grasps you like a magnet, because it is safe, secure, clean and with six months of the best climates in the whole world. There are so many cultural tour Dubai to see here, not just my interest, the architecture. I may suggest you to go and see the rich heritage and culture of this Arab emirate, which may start with a visit to the Bastakia. This word is derived from the name given to a group of tribes who migrated from Iran and gave a new architecture, which turned to be a cooling system for this emirate.

Then take a visit to the beautiful museum with at least 50 years of well-preserved history, then cross the creek with an abra, enjoy the ride and land at the Spice and Gold souk. Here, you do get some special spices from the South East Asian countries and Africa. Walk towards the gold souk and please do not miss to visit the diving village and the heritage village. These 2 give u a complete information about the life of the emirates during the pre oil period and those buildings in the heritage village are preserved by the UNESCO as a listed world heritage site.

Now, let us talk about modern Dubai. Dubai is indeed modern and grown so much. I am sure most of the world cities will take a century or more to reach the level of Dubai. I had also been to the Palm island, I would say that the quantity of rocks and marine sands used to build the Palm island ,is so much, to indeed make this island as the 8th wonder in the world. Not far from the Palm island, you will visit the first 7 star hotel, the Burj al arab and get wonderstruck as you see this great monument.

Approximately 6 kms from here or a 10 mins drive, we reach the Burj Khalifa, the tallest builing in the world. It is a stunning view and incredible that money can do so much. Attached to it, is the famous Dubai mall, a huge shopping mall under one roof with all the latest amenities. Also, visit the ruler’s palace and so much more through this trip of Dubai City Tour and experience the heaven on earth.

Dubai City Tour