The Turquoise Turtle

Erin McCotter

A Battle Not for the Light "Footed"?

Green Bay, WI - The gym was a frenzy of running students and balloons one afternoon in the Bay View Middle School Gym. Every student was eagerly seeking out these balloons in hopes of popping one, therefore ending it's life. This may seem like a violent pursuit, but really these students were participating in a game. Those Aquarius house students that proved they were responsible and respectful for the first half of the quarter were rewarded when they were allowed to have a balloon battle at the end of the school day. To play the game each student ties a balloon to their ankle. When the game starts the students try to stomp on someone else's balloon and still protect their own. If your balloon gets popped your out. In the beginning of this balloon battle the mood was light-hearted and cheerful. However, a sudden sense of urgency came over the students as more and more balloons were popped. When it came down to the last few, tensions were high. Each remaining student wanted to win as much as the other. They tried to pop their opponents balloon, yet guard their own simultaneously. In the end, one person gained the title of Balloon Battle Champion, with one satisfying "pop".
Balloon battle

A Visit Filled With Fur!

Geneseo, Illinois - On St. Patrick's Day 2015 seven golden retriever puppies were born. They were small and vulnerable, completely dependent on their mother. Then, fast-forward to Easter weekend of the same year. The puppies were considerably larger, starting to open their eyes, and even walking around. The McCotter family had the pleasure of seeing them while visiting their relatives farm in Geneseo, Illinois for Easter. They got to hold them and help take care of them while they were visiting. The adorable little things were the center of attention among all the family. When asked what they were most excited for the cousins replied, "the puppies!" As a special treat, all the kids got to name a puppy. They were named Lucky, Clover, Paddy, Toby, Betty, and French Fry (one of the youngest kids chose this name). Once they were all named everyone wanted a chance to hold them.

While they were visiting they witnessed a milestone for the puppies. In their enclosure they have two separate areas. One where the puppies primarily stayed, and one where their mother stayed when she wasn't feeding them. For as long as they had been alive they had almost always been on their side. However, they began to gain strength and size, and they realized that they didn’t have to stay in that one compartment. At first, it started with one. He hopped up on top of one of his siblings and tried to get over the barrier. He struggled for a considerable amount of time, but to their great surprise, he made it over! Then, one by one each puppy crawled over, exhausted, and ready to continue sleeping, as they had for the majority of their lifetime.

An Event to Save Lives

Green Bay, WI - This year Bay View Middle School held a student vs. staff basketball game to help raise money for St. Baldrick's, which is an organization that helps children with cancer. During the game there was an NJHS bake sale and other concessions that Student Council sold. For the first half of the game the students and staff played eagerly and with considerable concentration. Then, at halftime 10 of Bay View's bravest students and staff volunteered to get their heads shaved, in order to raise awareness for the cause. Five hair stylists from various salons in the community also volunteered their time to help shave heads. With the help of those who volunteered to be shaved and those who shaved their heads, this portion of the event was a success! Once the shaving was over, the game continued on, with just as much tension. They played their hearts out until the final buzzer sounded. Overall, the mens staff team beat the guys student team, but the girls student team reigned victorious over the womens staff team.

The “shavees” and basketball players held their heads high as they left the event that night. As they should, because after the event was over and all the money was totaled, it was found that over $1,000 had been raised to benefit St. Baldrick's! With the help of this event and many more like it, the day that we defeat cancer seems to come closer every day.

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