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What makes your college application complete?

College application season is in full swing and students should be moving their way through the process. For some, this process can seem daunting and overwhelming. Lucky for you, your TRIO Talent Search advisor is ready and eager to help you!

Here is some information on what makes your college application complete:

  • Application form (most likely done online)
  • Application statement (if appying to UW schools this is required! It may also be required for many other 4 year institutions)
  • Application fee - Talent Search student don't have to pay this. Make sure you talk to your TRIO advisor for their process in requesting a waiver or payment.
  • Transcripts - Should be sent to the school from your guidance office
  • Test Scores - ACT or SAT (double check to see if your schools require official copies)


  • Letters of recommendation (If you are a student on their admission "bubble" it is in your best interest to submit no more than two letters of recommendation)

MHS College Application Help Kick-Off

Monday, Oct. 5th, 10:30-11am

Menomonie High School - Tiered Lecture Hall

MHS Guidance and TRIO Talent Search are teaming up to provide college application help. We will kick off on Monday October 5th during ELT in the tiered lecture hall.

Additional help times are:

Tuesday, October 6th - ELT

Wednesday, October 7th - Late Start

Wednesday, October 14th - Late Start

Wednesday, October 21st - Late Start

Wednesday October 28th - Late Start

TRIO Talent Search Application Fee Help!

One of the missions of TRIO Talent Search is to reduce or remove barriers for students so that attending post-secondary education is an option. One way we do this is by requesting fee waivers or paying college application fees. This service only offered to Talent Search students can save you lots of money. Check with you individual advisor to learn the process of requesting help for your college application fees.

Importance of Academics

Juniors, listen up! You have started the last year of grades that will be used to apply to colleges next fall. Colleges will be looking closely at how well you are doing in your upper level high school classes. Your grades this year can help you by showing improvement, or hurt you by showing a slide. In addition the ACT is designed to test your knowledge from classes taken to this point in high school. By doing well in your classes you are helping yourself prepare for the big test! Don't let your college of choice slide away because you are not taking your academics seriously! Academics are the #1 factor in college admissions!

Seniors, listen up! You may already be admitted to the college of your choice but that doesn't mean your grades this year don't matter. The opposite is true. Colleges that have admitted you expect that you will complete the classes you said you would complete and that you will maintain the same academic standards they saw when admitting you. Every year colleges rescind their offers to students because they let "senioritis" take over. Your senior year classes will be some of the best prep you can have for the rigor of college classes!

What is the best way to ensure you do well in your classes?


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TRIO Talent Search 3 Day Trip

Students from MHS and WBHS visited UW-Parkside as part of a 3 day campus tour in June 2015.

Juniors! Now is the time for you visit campuses. Check with your advisor for upcoming trips!