Mexican Restaurant Melbourne

Mad Mex Is The Healthiest Mexican Restaurant Melbourne Has Going

Mad Mex has changed its image since the brand was founded in 2007 by CEO Clovis Young. While it still features an updated version of the Mexican Luchador logo that fans of Mexican food have grown to love, it’s now doing a better job of informing customers that Mexican food can be a healthy meal. Its new “Fresh Fuel for Life” slogan helps inform everyone why Mad Mex is the healthiest Mexican restaurant Melbourne has to offer, and why it has won over the locals.

"Our reinvigorated ‘Fresh Fuel for Life’ brand empowers Mad Mex consumers to make health-driven nutrition decisions,” Young said to QSR Media in an interview. “[It] communicates the heart of our brand philosophy and values in a fun, cheeky way that connects with our audience.”

Mad Mex was founded due to Young being dissatisfied with how Mexican food was presented in Australia. It lacked the authentic ingredients that have made the food a favorite to millions worldwide and it has been his goal to deliver that ever since. Over 10 years later and Mad Mex has a great track record of delivering just that. By staying away from preservatives and sugars, the restaurant delivers a healthy and tasty meal that people won’t have to use a cheat day to enjoy.

In order to be the best Mexican restaurant Melbourne offers, Young has always looked towards innovation. From food sources to technology that improves the consumer experience, Mad Mex is always improving and has many exciting additions planned for early next year. “We bring those together in our unique way to package up a really unique value proposition for customers,” the Mad Mex CEO says.

The restaurant operates on three main tenets: authentic, connected and cheeky. The cheeky and fun atmosphere of the restaurant is one of the first things that people notice when at Mad Mex and that’s by design. Young wants Mad Mex to be a place where people can connect with their friends and create memories before and after having adventures outside. Mad Mex’s goal is to inspire people to live their best lives and they do just that by offering authentic Mexican food that will reinvigorate anyone. This care for the customer is what sets Mad Mex apart from the other Mexican restaurant Melbourne has going.

Serving healthy food is key to Mad Mex and that’s why it features fully customisablemeals. Young wants anyone to be able to enjoy the bold flavour of Mexico no matter what their dietary restrictions are. No matter if you’re a vegan or are avoiding salt or gluten, there’s a great tasting meal that you can enjoy at Mad Mex. The fresh food is prepared right in front of you, which has made it a Mexican restaurant Melbourne locals love.

Mad Mex will continue giving Australians “Fresh Food for Life” and helping inspire customers to live their best life. Great tasting food can have quite an impact and the company’s care for its customers is why it has become a favorite dining spot throughout the country. No other Mexican restaurant Melbourne has will deliver a healthy meal that is as fun and tasty.