Counselors Connection

September 2018 edition

Welcome back!

Welcome to the 2018-2019 school year from our counseling department! We are looking forward to another great year of building community, increasing academic success and developing student leadership. Once again, we have two counselors in our department: Ms. Daley works with PreK–4th grade, and Ms. Griffin works with 5th-8th grade. While we each focus primarily on our particular grade levels, we work as a team and collaborate across grades as well.

Our role

Our comprehensive school counseling program is data driven with the goal of spending 80% of our time in direct service to students by providing classroom guidance, small group counseling, and individual counseling.

· Classroom guidance is a preventative approach which allows us to focus on developmental topics and skill building. Lessons build upon individual strengths as students learn specific skills, strategies, and values that will assist them in their academic, personal/social, and career development. Lessons are provided once/month for grades K-5, and quarterly for our middle grades.

· Small group counseling provides a supportive environment where students can explore their thoughts and feelings about particular topics with their peers while gaining new skills. These groups are usually held during lunch/ focus time, meet approximately 4-6 times, and require parental permission to participate. Topics may include friendship skills, impulse control, school success skills, seven habits of highly effective teens, and more.

· Individual counseling is provided as needed. Parents, teachers, and students can make referrals for counseling services which are short-term in nature and solution-focused. Please understand confidentiality is an inherent part of the counseling relationship and vital to a trusting partnership. We encourage students to share with parents and will always contact parents/guardians if we are concerned about a student’s safety.

This month

To start the school year, we have been holding new student lunch bunches for students in grades 2nd-8th who are brand new to Hilburn. It's a fun way to get to know our new students, explain what we do, and answer any questions they might have.

In guidance this month, we will ensure students in all classes understand our role and how we can support them this year. In addition, we will do a fun activity to help students get to know each other better and build community in their classroom.

Speaking of getting to know each other better, here are a few fun facts about us:

  • We both graduated from the School Counseling program at UNC-CH only a few years apart; in fact, Ms. Griffin interned with two of Ms. Daley's classmates!
  • Ms. Griffin speaks German and studied abroad twice. Ms. Daley's oldest daughter just moved there with her job in the Air Force, so she hopes to visit next summer.
  • We both love a good cup of coffee in the morning!
  • Ms. Griffin came to us from Root Elementary, where Ms. Daley's niece and nephew attend, and they gave her glowing reviews before she came here.

Looking Ahead

Be on the lookout for a survey we will be sending out for parents to get your feedback on how we can best support our families here at Hilburn.

October is Bullying Prevention month. We will send out information and resources as it gets closer.

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Contact Information

Raelene Daley, K-4

(919)571-6800 x26027


Simone Griffin, 5-8

(919)571-6800 x26028