Pioneer Papers

Riley Bishop February 16, 1929

The Big St. Valentine's Day Massacre

The massacre took place around 10:30am on February 14, 1929. Seven men from the Moran Gang were shot to death, or shot and left there to die. The man who organized this horrid act was a man named Al Capone, Capone was the leader of a gang while their rival gang was lead by George "Bugs" Moran; both of these gangs were "territory owners" in the city Chicago. Both of the men vied for power, prestige, and money; plus, both tried for years to kill each other.

Al Capone was living in Miami, with his family in order to escape the year's harsh winter, when his associate, Jack "Machine Gun" McGurn, payed him a visit. McGurn, has recently survived an assassination attempt, ordered by Moran, requested that they discuss the problems caused by Moran's gang.

In order to get rid of these issues they planned the massacre. McGurn took responsibility and planned this attack. He found the Moran gang's headquarters, which was in a large garage behind the offices of S.M.C. Cartage Company at 2122 North Clark Street. McGurn hired gunmen from outside the Chicago area, to ensure that no one would be able to recognize the gunmen from the Capone Gang. McGurn also hired lookouts, and set them up in an apartment near the garage. To get disguises, McGurn acquired a stolen police car and two police uniforms.

The Cocoanuts

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The movie, The Cocoanuts, is due to come out on May 3rd, 1929. The Cocoanuts is going to be a musical/comedy, and will win over the nation. In this movie, Mr. Hammer runs a bankrupt Florida hotel. He'll try anything to make money, even make love to rich Mrs. Potter. Although, his main scheme, selling real estate, is in danger of sabotage from zanies Chico and Harpo, who also reduce the schemes of a pair of jewel thieves to chaos. A subplot involves the star-crossed love of Polly Potter and architect Bob Adams.

Some of the characters in this movie are going to be Groucho Marx as Mr. Hammer, Harpo Marx as Harpo, Chico Marx as Chico, Zeppo Marx as Jamison, Margaret Dumont as Mrs. Potter, Mary Eaton as Polly Potter, Oscar Shaw as Robert 'Bob' Adams, Kay Francis as Penelope, Cyril Ring as Harvey Yates, and Basil Ruysdael as Detective Hennessey.

This movie will be 93 minutes long, decent time length. The only color for this film will be Black & White. The Cocoanuts will eventually premiere in other countries. We hope to see many more movies, like this one out soon. Hopefully George S. Kaufman, who wrote the book, and Morrie Ryskind, who adapted the book, will be able to come up with many more stories and tales as good as this one.