Latin Kings

Pricilla Hernandez Aguilar


The Latin Kings go by several different names like Almighty Latin Kings and Queen Nations, Latin Kings and Queens, and Almighty Latin Kings. They are the oldest and largest Hispanic street gang, their roots trace back to the 1930's in Chicago, Illinois. They were first discovered in 1961, but till 1966 they started becoming more organized growing larger than ever, due to working with more wide scale amount. The original member of Latin Kings were originally of Puerto Rican descent , but now most of the members are Mexican American, along with other Latin Americans. Even though Latin Kings are mainly from Latin decent there are some black, white, Asian, and middle eastern members.

Latin Kings organized into a self defense group to protect their communities. The reason for the formation was to also provide protection for its member and brotherhood during the time of the civil rights era and the segregation created by language and race barriers that were being created in Chicago. They would fight injustices. The Latin Kings started being known as Chicago's largest and most violent street gang,

History Of Leader

There were several different leaders of the Latin Kings. The important one is Luis Felipe , he was Cuban born on May 11, 1961. Luis Felipe was known as King Blood, he's the founder of the New York Chapter of Almighty Latin Kings And Queens Nations. He assigned himself as Inca and supreme crown of New York Sate and New Jersey. He was arrested and sentenced by the federal court for an 18-count racketeering convention and for murders and attempted murders. He was placed in the Bureau of Prison's super max prison in Florence, Colorado. It was said for him to have life in prison plus 45 years.

Luis Felipe

Membership to be a part of The Latin Kings

How to be a member:

Before in order to be a member of the Latin Kings one must have a Latin Bloodline. That changed eventually, they wanted their membership to increase, so they started accepting other ethnic groups. In Chicago they have over 25,000 members and in the suburbs surrounding there are 10 to 15,000 members. They also have members in over 41 states as well as in Latin American and European Countries:

  • Mexico, Spain, Dominican Republic, Canada, Italy, Ecuador, Peru, Puerto Rico, United Kingdom and others


The Latin Kings are known for multiple crime related things like

  • Narcotics
  • weapons
  • extortion
  • assaults
  • intimidation
  • beatings
  • stabbing
  • shootings
  • murder
  • graffiti.
  • kidnapping
  • money laundering
  • auto theft
They are also known for calling hits on correctional officers, those who don't follow orders , and rival gang members.

Punishments within the gang

The punishments within the gang are a bit hard. You can get punished for about anything, what the punishment may be is unknown. An example would be one mob beating that was witnessed and taken to the federal court in Chicago, because they caught it on footage. It showed how a member of a gang got beat up with about 15 members kicking and punching him. This happened, because the gang member failed to follow up on a order from a 4 ranked Latin King.

Gang Colors

Black and gold. The black represents death, and gold represents life.

Motto and Saying

" Cowards die many times before their death, Latin Kings never taste death ..but. once..

Their saying: Amor Del Rey