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September 16, 2013

Don't lose your stuff! Google Drive

Do you get sick of taking documents and images back and forth from school to home on a thumbdrive, or getting to school to open a document that you have EMAILED to yourself, only to realize that you forgot to email it, or it is in a format that a school computer can not read. So frustrating!!!! You can quit all the madness. You have access to Google Drive anywhere you are signed in to your seovec (gmail) mail account. You can create items, upload and download files and folders, even share files with others. If you have not used this at all, here is a tutorial to get you started It will show you one way to open drive, upload a file, create a folder and put the file in the folder. It is truly just the tip of the iceberg with what you can do with this useful tool, but it will get your toe wet! You have 30 gigabytes of space to use in Google Drive and anything you allow Google Drive to convert to its format does not count in your allotted space. Our seniors have been starting to use this online tool by setting up their own gmail accounts (even to type their papers right in drive, rather than using Microsoft Office) and it has been very successful. Check it out and Diane is happy to give one to one support.

using video - the mechanics - capturing and playing

We all know that we have to work together to keep the traffic on the internet and over our network down so things move more smoothly (and quickly). Remember that while you are SAVING your videos on the v: drive, you PLAY the video from your desktop. If you play from the v: drive, you are still slowing the network down. To play from your desktop, simply drag the video from the v: drive to your desktop in the morning and then click to play from the desktop during the day.

To capture a video from the internet here at school, I use for ALMOST everything. Some items simply can't be captured, but my back up method is through I am happy to continue to capture video for you, but if you would like to do it yourself at school...
  • open another window and pull up the video you want to capture.
  • copy the URL of the video
  • paste URL into the download box on the keepvid site
  • click "download" (smaller black box to the right)
  • choose your format (I choose MP4 or WMV first, FLV if MP4/WMV is not available)
  • Save file to your desktop
  • activate v: drive (double click "VideoDrive" on desktop and allow black box to disappear)
  • Open the v: drive and then your folder.
  • drag file, which is on the desktop, to your v: drive folder/file.
  • drag file to desktop the day you want to play it!
This all sounds complicated, but is actually rather straight forward. As always, I am more than happy to help walk you through this procedure. Remember that you can also upload those video files to your Google Drive if you do this from home (probably through Real Player) and then you can move them to the v: drive or desktop at school!

Top Twitter Hashtags for Educators

#TED - If you have not discovered TED Talks yet, you really need to follow this @TED_ED or @tedtalks or check out the main website at or the "Lessons worth sharing" flip site at

From :

  1. #edchat - This is hashtag that was created by Tom Whitby, Steven Anderson and Shelly Terrell for all educators to connect and share their ideas on. Every Tuesday at 12:00 pm EST and 7:00 pm EST they have a discussion on a topic that is voted on the day before.
  2. #mlearning - This is a great hashtag to follow if you're looking to incorporate moibile devices into your classroom. This feed will provide you with many ideas and connections with other educators doing similar things in their classroom.
  3. #edtech - Under this hashtag you can find anything that has to do with technology in education. This is also a great place to find out about new web tools you can use with your students.
  4. #ipaded - If you're an educator with an iPad (or looking for a good reason to buy one), check out #ipaded. This stream highlights many iPad apps that are ideal for education.
  5. #education - Here you can find information on anything and everything related to education- from standardized testing to new technology for teachers.
  6. #mathchat - Not only can you always find a tricky math problem that needs solving on this stream, but you can also connect with all types of math teachers who you can collaborate and share ideas with.
  7. #scichat - If you're a science teacher you must check out #scichat. This stream will keep you up to date with everything happening in the science field, both related and unrelated to education.
  8. #engchat - engchat takes place every Monday from 7-8:00 pm EST. Each week they cover a different topic that they highlight on their website.
  9. #sped -Technology is revolutionizing special education. Check out #sped to learn about how education is changing and what technology is making it happen.

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