Attwater's Prairie Chicken

Colton Kissell

Where it is Found


Why it's Endangered

- Originally the Attwater Prairie Chicken was indigenous to both Louisiana and Texas, however brush species invaded the prairies and reduced the population solely to Texas

- Vast expansion of industries and cities limited prairie space

- Farmers plowing native grasslands for crops

- The chicken had no where to grow, therefore the population significantly decreased to about 8,700 in 1937

- In 1967 and 1973, the bird was enlisted on the Endangered species list and is no longer eligible to be hunted as a game bird



- Diet consists insects, primarily grasshoppers in the summer. Which aid farmers in reducing crops being infested and eaten from these pests

- Is an indicator species for coastal prairie ecosystems


- Ecotourism is becoming popular, the chicken attracts visitors from all over the U.S.

- Initially a game bird