Turkish Delight

It's heavenly!

Try this amazing sweet treat!

A bite of Turkish delight is like tasting happiness. One of these Turkish delights is made with starch and powdered sugar. It can also be flavored with rosewater or lemon.

Who invented Turkish delight?

The first person who invented the incredible Turkish delight was Bekir Affendi. His first shop, Haki Bekir, is still owned by his descendants and run by the fifth generation of families he employed.

It's guaranteed to be delicious!

I love Turkish delight!

Even I love Turkish delight. Do you want to know why I like Turkish delight so much? I like this exquisite treat so much because of its sweet powdered sugar, its delightful starch, and its scrumptious rosewater or lemon flavoring. Eating Turkish delight makes me feel like I'm riding a unicorn on a rainbow.

Turkish delight is amazing!

Here are some ways you could get a taste of this mouthwatering sweet treat.