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My Grampa!

My Grampa was born in Calafornia in the 1970's or 1980's. He had a wife (nana my grandma) then in about 1980's he had a daughter (my mom). When she grew up my Grampa left to Texas to live with his son. A few years later he sadly lost his job in Texas so he moved with me and my family. Then he learned, it's not about work or money, it's about family.

Lesson he learned overtime.


Overtime when Grampa moved in he still had no job, so he used a lot of money for investments. Then he started to lose all him money until he was broke. Then he got his job in Nevada. The lesson he learned was nothing was about investments or money, it's about being grateful and having a family and a place to live.

Jeremiah Reynolds

Block 3-4

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