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Tell Me Your Thoughts

Hello ladies! I know the classes that I sent out for PD sessions are geared toward K-2nd grade, so my thoughts for the next couple of months is to work with you individually on your own personal goals. Each month we will pick a different focus and work towards a goal. I have a few thoughts for the month of October but I want your ideas and I want these goals to be personal. I would like you to take some time and reflect on what you want to do more of, be better at, what you want your classroom to be, what support you need to increase student performance, and come up with a list of thoughts. These could be simple like student engagement, increased text time, or something larger. If you can't think of any, that's OK too. I have some tools that can help us find one. I want these goals to be meaningful to you. Ponder this as you go through the week and send me your ideas by Friday. Feel free to list them out (nothing fancy needed), the more the better. I'll get back with each of you to schedule a time we can sit and talk (15 min or less). I want you to know that I view my role as a supportive coach and not as an evaluator and that I am learning so much from each of you as I come in and out of your classrooms. Thank you and have a blessed week.


Just so you know, I struggle with grammatical things such as commas, tenses, etc. If you see something wrong in my notes, please don't hold it against me. I am a work in progress. :)