May & June Newsletter

What We Are Learning in First Grade

Upcoming Events

Wednesday, May 6th- National Walk/Bike to School Day

Thursday, May 14th (6:25PM)- 1st Grade Music Performance

Friday, May 15th (6-8PM)- Skate Night

Monday, May 25th- Memorial Day *Regular School Day*

Monday, June 8th- Dolphin Days

Thursday, June 11th- *Regular School Day*

Friday, June 12th- Last Day of School (Dismissal is 2 Hours Early)


Over the next few weeks we will be learning how to tell time. We will learn how to tell the difference in the minute hand and hour hand and in the the difference in analog and digital clocks. We will learn about the meaning of AM and PM and sort activities by the time of day which they occur. We will learn how to tell time to the hour and half hour. We are excited to finally learn how to tell time for ourselves!


Over the past few weeks, the students practiced getting "into character" using familiar books in preparation for Reader's Theater. Not only did they practice acting, but they also practiced directing their classmates by giving them constructive feedback. We worked on fluency, noticing punctuation, and changing your voice to match the traits of the character. Last week, the kids broke up into small groups and performed their Reader's Theater plays to other 1st Grade classes and to our 4th Grade Book Buddies. We have quite the group of actors and actresses!


Over the past few weeks, we have been busy building our reading and writing connection. We have been reading some complex read alouds and breaking those stories apart into the beginning, middle, end. We have been working with a partner to search for key details and refer back to the book for the details that support our response. Students have been encouraged to assess their responses on a rubric to see how they can continue to improve their responses. For the remainder of the year, we will be focusing on writing realistic fiction stories. We will be thinking about people and events from our lives and how we can elaborate and change those to make an interesting fiction story.

Project Time

Recently, we have been learning about “Balance and Motion.” We are discovering that we live in a world where everything is in motion, yet not everything moves the same way. Some things move from one place to another. Other things go around and around in a rotational motion. Still, other things are stationary, stable for a time, or balanced on a thin line between stop and go. We have had the opportunity to create mobiles, learn about stable and unstable positions, and learn about what makes an object spin. Soon we will expand on this scientific knowledge to help us explore magnets.

We also recently completed a unit on Earth Day. The children brainstormed ways to protect the earth and how to reduce, reuse, and recycle in the classroom and at home. In the coming weeks we will be exploring a unit about wants and needs. We will learn how wants and needs differ, and the ways that we make sure that we meet our basic needs to survive. We are also investigating goods and services. We will be creating maps of their street and identifying which businesses provide goods and which provide services.