Computer Programmers

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Computer Programmers Job duties and work conditions.

Programmers speak with the individuals or groups that need programs in order to understand their needs. They outline the steps the computer must go through to get the job done. They work a standard 5 day week, Monday-Friday. Their average hours they work a week are 40-50 hours. They work in climate-controlled offices because computers do not function well in enviorments with extreme temperatures.

Education and Training and Earnings

You are required to have at least a bachlor's degree for this profession. Some not all require a 2-year degree or certificate. 2 schools in Wisconsin that have this profession are Appleton and Eau Claire. Their average salary is about 50,900 yearly and about 24.47 a hour. Someones earning potential for this job would range from 50,900-110,220.

Computer Programmers

Guaranteed to be very productive.

Benefits/cons of Computer Programmers

2 benefits are its a high satification job and it is also a very well paying job to go into. Plus you're always working in a office or sometimes at home depending on your situation. 2 cons of this job are its very fast paced, and it is also contains lots of hardcore reading so if you like to read about computers this is definitely the job for you!