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News from the Dover School Libraries


Dover students checked-out 59,275 books during the 2018-2019 school year!

Did you know the resources from all the libraries in Dover are available to your students?

The Dover Public Library and the Dover public school libraries are connected through the Dovernet Integrated Library System (KOHA). This provides opportunity for your student to select from a diverse and dynamic range of reading and information materials from across the city. We recognize that you want to be connected to what your child is reading and learning about while they are at school. We have developed a system where a parent or guardian can opt to be notified if their child is requesting books outside of their age range level. Please contact your child’s school librarian to learn more.

The Dover School District subscribes to a wide variety of online databases!

These resources offer 24/7 access to the most current and reliable information and are available for use both at school and at home. Find them on our schools’ library websites. Reach out to your school librarian for usernames and passwords!
As a courtesy KOHA automatically sends reminders about book due dates and waiting book holds.

Dover Public Library Cards are free to Dover school students!

The Dover Public Library supports the joy of reading and life-long learning, offering information services and programs across a wide range of formats. Visit the Dover Public Library website for more information.

Contact Your Librarian

Garrison Elementary School

Rachel Hill, Librarian

Garrison School Library Website


Horne Street Elementary School

Linda Smart, Librarian

Horne Street Library Website


Woodman Park Elementary School

Crystal Lisbon, Librarian

Woodman Park Library Website


Dover Middle School

Sheryl Powers, Librarian

Dover Middle School Library Website


Dover High School and Career Technical Center

Kristin Whitworth, Librarian

Dover High School Library Website