5H Weekly News

10th October 2015

A big thank you...

...to all parents that attended Parent-Teacher conferences on Wednesday or Thursday. It was great to connect with you, discuss your wonderful children, and reflect on ways to support them in their learning this year. Although it made for a tiring couple of days, I thoroughly enjoyed spending time with you, and I appreciate the huge difference that your encouragement and involvement makes to the students' progress and development.

The International Fair on Saturday was, once again, a superb event. As I walked around, I saw so many happy children and relaxed parents. Thank you for your support with this event!

Several students from 5H have applied for various Student Ambassador roles, and will be preparing to make speeches before the election. If your child is getting involved in this, please help out at home and give advice where needed. This experience will be very valuable for the students, but it is not an easy thing to stand in front of a huge group of peers and persuade them to vote. They will need confidence-boosting encouragement from us!

Homework Feedback

Last week, students made Google presentations about the different types of nouns they studied. As part of their homework, they were asked to share the presentation with parents, and invite them to make constructive comments on the slides. Please follow this up with your child it hasn't already been shared with you.

The Week Ahead


This week, we will conclude the current chapter on fractions and mixed numbers. We will initially focus on subtracting mixed numbers, and then we will spend some time solving real-world problems that involve fractions, mixed numbers, division expressions, and decimals. We may have time to take the end of unit assessment before the end of the week, but we can be flexible if more time is needed.


We will be getting carried away with creative writing this week. I wonder what fascinating characters we will meet, and what exciting places we will visit through our stories! We are also going to begin working on a storybook project that we will share with our Pre-K buddy class when we are finished.


We will begin our next novel study this week. The Witch of Blackbird Pond has been chosen as it fits in well with our Social Studies unit. The content of this novel may be challenging for some students. Please discuss each chapter at home after we read them in class. This will help to improve comprehension.

'The Daily Choice' is our 5H version of 'The Daily 5', an approach some of you may be familiar with from previous years. Children spend the reading block reading independently, reading to others, responding to reading, or working on words. We will also be conferencing to make sure that appropriately challenging and enjoyable books are being read.

Social Studies

As a town, we will be reflecting on last week's visit from Governor Hutchinson. Children will write journal entries revealing their feelings.


We will begin our sun observations this week. This is an ongoing project that involves recording the sun's position, and shadows made, at various points throughout the day over the course of the year.

Junior Olympics

Go, Scotland!

On Friday, we will enjoy getting out of the classroom and participating in the ES Junior Olympics! We will be wearing our shirts, designed by Angie. Angie's design was voted for by the class. It was a tough decision, because so many of the designs were fantastic, but Angie's simple, eye-catching design was the firm favorite. Well done, Angie!

Parents are welcome, and encouraged to join us on this special day.

Please see the note below, from Mr. Schulze and the PTA.

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