Mrs. Strathman's Class News

May 8-12

Important Dates and Reminders

May 12 - Field Day (Please wear sports attire and tennis shoes)

May 16 - Kindness Assembly at 9:00 AM

May 23 - 2nd and 3rd Grade Talent Show at 9:45 AM

May 24 - Awards Assembly at 9:00 AM

May 25 - 1/2 day of School (11:40 Dismissal)

May 25 - Talent Show Finale at 9:00 AM

A Big Thanks


I just want to express how thankful I am for your kindness and generosity this week! It was fun to be showered with all of the cards, candy, flowers, and other various gifts! The class gift (flowerpot) was gorgeous! This will look perfect in our cozy little home! I also want to thank you all for being such great supporters of not only me but more importantly, your children. It has made this year one that I will never forget! I have really enjoyed teaching each and every one of your children this year!

Mrs. Strathman

What are we doing this week?

Math: This is our last official topic in math for the year! We just began topic 16 (data) and will continue it into next week. This topic includes five lessons about different types of graphs and charts. They will learn about line plots, pictographs, and bar graphs. We will also be working on how to read this data. We will be taking our test next Thursday, May 11.

Reading: We will continue reading book Mr. Popper's Penguins next week. Each day we will read a chapter and focus on a particular skill, for example, compare and contrast, writing a summary, author's purpose, etc. There may be quizzes given throughout the week to test their comprehension of the text.

Writing: We will be working on writing some narrative writing pieces. I am working on getting them to use more detail and explanations within their writing to grab the readers attention as well as create interesting and exciting writing pieces.

Spelling: Our new spelling list for the following week will be words with -le and -er. The new list is listed below. The test will be Thursday, May 11.

Social Studies: We will be continuing our study about our Economy. We have learned about various aspects of an economy including buying, selling, goods, services, etc. We will be taking this unit a step further next week.

Spelling Words

Words -le and -er (Test Thursday, May 11)

1. apple

2. river

3. little

4. October

5. ladder

6. summer

7. purple

8. later

9. November

10. giggle

11. uncle

12. winter

13. center

14. double


15. admirable


Math Websites, Apps, and Games

I am going to start adding a variety of math activities that you child can complete at home. There are many wonderful websites, apps, and games that we have been using in class.

Websites: - website for math practice on various topics A website for reading and math practice. You may choose the grade and topic for your child to practice.


Front Row - Math practice by topic

Sushi Monster - Addition and Multiplication Fact Practice


War - All you need is a deck of cards and 2 or more players. Before the game starts, decide what number you are going to practice multiplying by (9's, 5's, 2's, etc.). Split the deck between the players and place them face down on the floor or table. Each player will flip one card and multiply it by the decided factor. For example, if you flip a 6 and you are multiplying by 5's, multiply 5X6 = 30. Whoever has the highest product gets both cards and adds it to the bottom of their deck.

Speed - You will need a deck of multiplication flash cards and two players. Flip one card and whichever player says the product of the multiplication sentence the quickest, gets the card.

NOTE: Pictures

If you are interested in having any of these pictures on file, I would be glad to send them to you electronically. Also, I wasn't able to add all of the pictures I took in this newsletter so if you want additional photos, I can look through what I have and send them your way!

Mrs. Strathman's Contact Information

I have provided my email and Tomahawk School phone number. You can contact me via email at anytime and by phone either before school, after school, or over my plan time from 9:00-10:00.