By: Annie Scheinost

This is Medusa a mythical monster.

Medusa relates to me because in the mornings my hair is like really messy. She has snakes in her hair so it looks kinda messy. So that's how i relate myself to her.


Her mother's name is Keto.


1. She has snake hair.
2. She got her head cut off by Perseus.
3. If you look directly at her she will turn you into stone.
4. Her child was a Pegasus.
5. Her strength can stop anything in her path.
6. No one really knows where she was born.
7. She had golden air before she got snakes in her hair.
8. She was immortal, but her two sisters were mortal.
9. She fled to Africa and her snakes left her head. That's why people think that there's venomous snakes there.
10. Medusa has a partially decomposed skull.