From Cocoa Beans to Chocolate

By: Emmy 3RS


Did you know that chocolate comes from cacao trees? It also helps heart disease. Cocoa beans are in chocolate. People use chocolate to make milk, hot chocolate, chocolate cakes, chocolate bars, chocolate chip cookies, brownies and also if you want to make your own chocolate ice cream cake.


Cocoa beans grow on farms. Cocoa beans are shipped to factories to be made into chocolate. The shells in the cocoa beans called nibs go into a special machine to get the shells took off the beans. Cocoa beans grown on cocoa pods. Do you know where cocoa trees are at?


Chocolate begins in a forest. Travels through the secret mituals. And emerges into our culture. Cocoa beans prune there trees. The cocoa beans ripen. They mix the nibs in a machine. Nibs are these little shells on the beans that they take off in the factory. Before they do anything, they have to check all of the beans to make sure they don't have anything else in them. Then they go into this one machine that turns the beans into molds. Then they put the molds into another machine and then they come out as chocolate bars. The nibs are blended in a manufacturer machine and that is turned into chocolate liquor. This hydrolic machine makes the cocoa butter. Cocoa powder helps make chocolate things. The sugar sweetens the milk. The soy beans help make the bars.

Interesting Facts

1) They travel in a cooling machine.

2) Back then chocolate only used to be a drink.

3) Chocolate comes from cacao trees.

4) They are from pods.


The final product in chocolate is milk and sugar. People use it to make cakes, cookies, homemade chocolate milk, brownies, chocolate bars, and also places like Dairy Queen use chocolate to make cakes and cones. The people in the factories wrap up all of the chocolate.
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