K-8 Library News

We Have a Reading Heart


Monday, February 9 - Garfield a.m. and Lincoln 11:45-4:05
Tuesday, February 10 - CCCMS
Wednesday, February 11 - Garfield a.m. and Lincoln 11:45-4:05
Thursday, February 12 - CCCMS
Friday, February 13 - Lincoln 1 pm dismissal


Safe & Simple Blogs for Your Students

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Happy Valentines week. Story time will be filled with secret admirers. We will be reading Somebody Loves You, Mr. Hatch (3rd Grade), Cranberry Valentine (2nd Grade), The Berenstain Bears' Funny Valentine (1st Grade), Little Bear's Valentine (Kindergarten)

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On Friday we will see:
3rd Grade Mr. Bent and Mrs. Edwards - We will begin the Great Dewey Hunt.

2nd Grade Mrs. Swihart and Mrs. Crimmins - We are going to work on parts of the book and identify important information they will need to complete projects.

1st Grade Mrs. Hays and Mrs. Carr - We will not see 1st grade this week due to 1 p.m. dismissal.

Kindergarten Miss Savage and Mrs. Richter - We will not see 1st grade this week due to 1 p.m. dismissal.


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We will see Mr. Brummet's and Mrs. Argo's/Mrs. McFall's classes on Monday. We will see Mrs. Catlin's and Mrs. Galindo's classes on Wednesday for library lessons. The 4th and 5th graders are working similar lessons. The 4th graders will be finishing their information gathering for their presentations and make final plans to determine what they will present to the small groups. The 5th graders will be creating their Google presentations doc and share it with their group members. They will begin to find information that will help them teach about their section of the library. Each member of the team will be responsible for teaching others about their section of the library.


Checkout our Destiny home page.

The library will be open everyday this week except for Friday afternoon.

We have scheduled class checkouts on Wednesday (Mrs. Yenni) and Friday (Mr. DeBauche). During 8th hour on the following days, Monday (Mrs. Blake), Tuesday (Mrs. Weller), Wednesday (Mrs. Yenni), and Thursday (Mr. Rickley) the 6th grade language arts classes will be in the library for checkout.