Honesty and Deception in Courtship

Sometimes it's not always good to be honest. Sometimes there are things that one has to lie about for love.

Tranio: "You will be schoolmaster And undertake the teaching of the maid"

Lucentio: "Basta; content thee, for I have it full. We have not yet been seen in any house, Nor can we lie distinguish'd by our faces For man or master; then it follows thus; Thou shalt be master, Tranio, in my stead,"

In this quote, Tranio and Lucentio have hatched the plan to change places to woo Bianca for marriage. This quote follows the motif because it shows how deception can be necessary for love. This is a very important example of this motif because it sets the scene for the rest of the play and the switched roles. If a reader missed this part, they would be very confused throughout the play, and not be able to follow the motif very well. This section from the play also contains the literary device, comedy. A reader can begin to infer how this plan will not end well. This section has comedy because most everyone can see how Baptista or Bianca will be unhappy with the deception. Often more than not, deception in courtship is bad, because two lovers must be honest.
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Petruchio: "That, hearing of her beauty and her wit, Her affability and bashful modesty, Her wondrous qualities and mild behavior"

In this quote, Petruchio is tricking everyone into thinking he is head over heels for the shrewd Kate. This quote not only follows the motif, it is expanding on it. This motif has mostly followed between two partners. In this quote, Petruchio is tricking everyone else, and not Kate. Shakespeare is using irony, which helps the reader recognize the motif. He used irony by saying Kate is amazing and tame, when she is really the exact opposite. I also saw that everyone thought Petruchio was crazy, but they went along with it to get rid of Kate. I interpreted that and thought that it also revealed some honesty in Baptista because he went along with it to get rid of Kate. It is showing his true feelings towards Kate.
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Petruchio: "I will be master of what is mine own. She is my goods, my chattels; she is my house"

In this quote Petruchio brings out the honesty in courtship. He is finally saying his plan a while of tricking everybody about being head over heels with Kate. This also opened my eyes to something about the motif. I realized that even if you are deceiving somebody in courtship, you have to eventually be honest with yourself, your partner, and everyone else. A lie can only go so far, especially in courting. The figurative language used in this quote is a metaphor. Petruchio is comparing Kate to his property, and his house, to emphasize the fact that she has no free will, and he decides what she does. A house cannot stand up for itself, and neither can Kate when she is with Petruchio.
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Kate: "And place your hands below your husband's foot, In token of which duty, if he please, My hand is ready, may it do him ease."

This quote is a small section of Kate's long line at the end of the play. This line follows the honesty and deception in courtship because Kate is finally coming out and saying what the ideal wife is in society. Originally, she was the crazy untamable woman nobody wanted, but she is being honest and stepping up to tell everyone what they all knew, but were too afraid to recognize. Kate is not only being honest for herself, she is being honest about society and its ideals of a perfect woman. This quote is ironic because Kate was once the very shrewdish character that wanted nothing to do with the ideals of society, and is now the one who has conformed more than Bianca.
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