Welcome to Denae's!!!!

Come sit and dine

Overall Concept/ Cuisine

My cuisine for my restaurant is soul food. I chose that, because I like soul food and I think others will like it too.
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Neck bones, Corn bread, Mac& Cheese and Greens

This is our Specialty Dish, it's a must try, because it is home- made and the best food is made from home.
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The theme of the restaurant is fancy. This restaurant is a place you would take your family out to dinner.
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Grand Opening

For our grand opening we are having a contest. Its going to be a karaoke night and whoever wins gets free front row seats at a Beyoncé concert. The contest expires December 18th, 2015.


Address: 1801 Whisper Rd, 84321

Phone#: 682-430-6932

Website: Denae'sisthespot.com

Open Days: Mon- Friday 12pm-11pm