The Help

Kathryn Stockett

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Main Character

Eugenia "Skeeter" Phelan- As the Protagonist in this Novel, Skeeter is a 23 yr old white woman. She is a strong-willed woman, Skeeter doesn't believe that all woman should just be stay at home wives. But that they also deserve a place in the working world, not caring what other people (mostly men) say on what she can or cannot do.

Aibileen Clark- A Protagonist in this novel, but isn't known as a good person to know unless you are looking for a maid. Aibileen is a older African-American woman who is a maid to one of the many young white woman in Jackson Mississippi. She wishes that things could be different for her and other maids as they work day after day for people who don't even see them as people themselves.

Minny Jackson- Another character as a Protagonist, Minny is also a maid as she is known for her famous cooking. Unfortunately she is often fired for her back-talking, sassy attitude. Even as she means well, her mouth could get her into some trouble.

Segregation/Gender Roles- This is the Antagonist in the Novel, as it makes Skeeter's life more challenging along with having her to overcome many obstacles on her way to obtain her life-long dream. Along with being a difficult obstacle to Other Characters as well.

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Protagonist's Problem

At the beginning of the Novel, Skeeter has a problem with how large companies only see her as someone who can't handle work. To only be a wife to a man and serve their every will. Having her own mind-set on a journalism job, in which it had been only available to men or important people. This had sparked her to do what she can to show and prove that a woman is capable at doing something a man can do.

Protagonist's Memorable Moment

Skeeter's most memorable moment/saying was when she was at home with her maid, Constantine. Who told her that she didn't need a man to make her happy, but doing what she knew was right and what she loved would. As to don't give in to peer pressure from others.

Protagonist's Important Action

Skeeter's important action in this novel is when she started the project of her book, The Help. This has helped her achieved her goal later on as she then had then told everyone a Point of view that showed how much these women who worked as maids for years, being treated as objects go through at home as well as work. Propping her into the line of being a real Journalist.
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Antagonist's Problem

The Problem in this Novel is the Gender roles/Segregation that has risen in the society life in the small town. In which the inhabitants have been consumed by them and see it as everyday normal things. Having people become more selfish and uncaring for others, as in this case. The difference in race as the white people do not care for their workers/maids.

Antagonist's Memorable Moment

The Most Memorable moment for the Antagonist would be when Skeeter was applying for a job opening as a journalist at a small Newspaper company in her small town, but was instead given a job as answering questions for civilians. Being told a woman isn't capable of having a job like that.

Other Character's Perspective on Main Characters

Charlotte Phelan is the mother of Skeeter, and her top priority for her daughter is for her to get married. Not caring if her daughter is looking for a job in the business world, but not wanting her daughter to be a old woman with no husband or children.

Miss Hilly is white woman who is a "friend" of Skeeter, who had always been popular among the town and woman of it. She believed Skeeter shouldn't be learning or reading anything about how the world was being run in their country. It would make her think like the Help or have her not eligible to be married.

With the Antagonist, the character Miss Hilly, believes that women shouldn't be involved with what their husbands or any man does. That the men can handle it while they can live large and have be a "trophy wife".

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Main Characters on Other Characters

Skeeter feels and knows how everyone else sees her dream is, but that doesn't stop her as she goes and does what she wants with her future life. Not caring for the gender-role life-style that has been struck into everyone's minds. Doing what she loves is what keeps her going through with her plan.

My Impressions of Protagonist Character

What I like most about Skeeter, is that even though she is brought up to many obstacles. Both personal and professional-like, she doesn't use them as an excuse to stop what she thinks is right into doing what she wants.

What I dislike about the Gender-roles is that the men in society think of all the women as fragile and not strong, but although some are. Most women are even stronger than men in mind then in physical strength, having more potential than men do in the business world and society world.

Skeeter is like me in a way, as I see because of how hard she works to get what she wants as her goal. Making sure she succeeds, and if not. She tries, tries again.

My Impressions of the Antagonist Character

For the Antagonist, I do not like anything from it. I don't see how there are some cons that can come from it.

I dislike how society had seen women as people who are un-capable of doing simple things, yet they have the right-mind set to do what they can achieve in. This antagonist isn't like me at all, I believe that everyone is equal in their own way.

Characterization: In the End...

The Protagonist is a round character.

The Antagonist is a flat, but somewhat round character.

Many of the other Characters are flat and dynamic characters.


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