A Hero for all Time

By: Maggie Menso


Sacagawea was a Shoshone Indian that was adopted by the Histada tribe when she was kidnapped. She married Toussaint Charbonneau and had a son, Jean-Baptiste. She was hired by Meriwether Lewis and William Clark to be a translator for an expedition across the continent when president Jefferson bought the Louisiana Purchase. When Sacagawea was on her long, hard journey, she showed courage, perseverance and adaptability.

Birth of Jean Baptiste

Monday, Feb. 11th 1805 at 5pm

Fort Mandan, Washburn, ND

Washburn, ND

Reaching The Pacific Coast

Thursday, Nov. 7th 1805 at 12pm

Pacific Coast

They reach the coast by the Columbia River that is located between Washington and Oregon.
Sacagawea was a hero for all time because she had adaptability, perseverance and courage.

Influencing History

Sacagawea influenced history because if she hadn't gone on her trip with Lewis and Clark, the Louisiana Purchase would have been for nothing because they wouldn't have been able to understand what the Native Americans said.


Sunday, Dec. 20th 1812 at 7pm

Fort Mandan, Washburn, ND

Washburn, ND

Some people think that she really died among her people in 1884 instead of with her adopted tribe in 1812 at the age of 25 because she had another son and husband after when her supposed "death" was. People think that instead of Sacagawea dying at Fort Mandan that it was Otter Woman, Charbonneau's other wife.