"the Owl And the five Dollar Bill"

Once upon a time there was a bunny with a five dollar bill, minding his own business, then an owl spots him with the corner of his eyes. watching the bunny go by the owl flew closer to the bunny. The bunny turned his head quickly after he heard the owl move closer. Like a statue the owl stood until the coast was clear, once it was he did a little dance and picked the five dollar bill up, and he flew back to his tree and said," wow its my lucky day hopefully he would never know!' the bunny apparently did not go far and over heard

The bunny decided to climb the tree and tell the owl that it was his money he uses for food that him and his family needs to survive, so that's what he did. The owl then said to the bunny ," sorry I did not know how much a five dollar can be to some one", " yes but you amid it so you can have it, thank you just don't take other peoples belongings, said the bunny.

Moral: Don't take other people's belongings.