LSD,The Colourful Nightmare

By: Mayank

The colorful nightmare. LSD. LSD is a type of drug to be specific LSD is a hallucinogen. A hallucinogen is a psychedelic drug which basically means that it alters the why you see the world and can cause hallucinations.

What is a Drug

Well a drug is any substance when inhaled, ingested, or injected changes the why you think, feel, or act. This includes legal substances such as Advil and insulin and illegal substances.


Imagine you are in a colourful world with everything you want. That is what LSD can do to you. LSD changes your perception of the world to everything you want to see. LSD or any other Hallucinogen can cause people to hallucinate and do things that they would never do. LSD has caused many people to kill them selves because they were hallucinating.



Did you know that LSD was one of the key components for the invention of the Modern day computer age. Steve Jobs (Founder Of Apple Computers) is one of the many entrepreneurs that has used LSD to help create a product that has Changed our Lives. Steve Jobs Himself said that LSD had helped him Open His Mind. "But for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction."


Short Term Effects

> Increased Heart Beat

> Higher Blood Pressure

> Anxiety

> Nausea and Vomiting

> Paranoia

> Dizziness

> Impaired Coordination

Long Term Effects

> Impaired Memory and Other Brain Functions

> Personality Changes

> Mood Changes

> Flashback's


Even Though LSD has changed the technology around us, and can open our minds. But there is always an equal and opposite reaction. So if you take LSD or any other drug you will have some benefits but there will always be an awful opposite reaction.