All about Smallpox

What is the cause of the various virus.

at least two million people died during the smallpox outbreak. and those were the ones that were documented. and there are probably 5,000 more cases as we speak! and there are very high risked for poor countrys because they cant afford the vaccination, or they just are not that advanced yet. The last smallpox microbe lives in a bio hazard, level 4... because it is not know how contagious it is... since there is not a lot of documentation on variola virus.

Is there a way to prevent smallpox form infecting me.

there are ways to prevent getting smallpox, but only if you know the basics. first you might '' consider '' getting the vaccination. second is to be aware of what you touch or go to vacation at, or it could be your last! third if there was a bio-terrorism war... it would cause.... well lets just say... MASS DESTRUCTION if the wrong people got there hands on them.

what would happen if Smallpox got in the wrong hands?

If Smallpox ever,ever,ever got in to the wrong hands... example, AL-Queda, Muslim terrorist, or a military dictator, like Joseph Stalin, or Saddam Hussein, it would be catastrophic if any infected people were on a plane, then only thousands of people could be infected. all we can do is hope, and just not let are guard down for a bio-terrorism war. during the 1940's It was a hit or miss game, the Jap's had been experimenting with bio- terrorism agents, they had infected fleas with the following diseases, anthrax, E. coli, Smallpox, cholera, and typiod. which caused over 10,000 deaths that were documented, there were probably 5,000 more un-documented cases. and also.... if the Dirty bomb was mixed with a WMD... ( weapons of mass destruction) including the atomic bomb, E.M.P, A lead bomb... a WMD was one of many reasons we went to the Iraq and Afghanistan... the US believed that terrorist... A.K.A, Al-Qaeda was storing up on WMD, so we went into the war... we later found signs of WMD... but we did not find any complete and armed WMD, we found blueprints.

During the medieval times...

The ancient times were the worst time to get sick. because of the lack of technology back then... and there were the medicine. at the Era it was common for the normal life expectancy, to live to about 30 to 50 at the very most... the reason why is that, they did not have the technology to heal a person if the person got even a little sick. at one point one of the many castles had an idea... to grab all there dead and infect them with these diseases... although sometimes the people that were being attacked had an idea. one the infected bodies were launched from the catapult over the castle wall... the would retreat and infect the ones who originally launched the bodies over there castle wall, in order to have them eliminated... even though they would soon be eliminated too.
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