Chisholm Trail News

October 19th-23rd, 2020

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A Note from Mrs. Cockrell

Dear Chisholm Trail families,

Remember that Monday, October 19th, is a STUDENT HOLIDAY. Our amazing teachers will be working on plans for the second grading period on this day.

Thank you to those of you who joined our first PTO meeting of the year last Tuesday! Next month, we will have a 4PM as well as a 6PM meeting time.

You have a great opportunity to support the health of our children by serving on the district's Student Health Advisory Committee. The time commitment is four virtual meetings per school year. If you are interested, please contact Mrs. Howland at

We are also looking for a community member to serve on our Campus Educational Improvement Committee. This time commitment is three virtual meetings. Please email me at, if you are interested. If you know of a community member (not a CTE parent) who might be interested in serving, please send me his or her contact information.

The link right below this letter is an opportunity for you to recognize the amazing things your children's teachers do. Take a minute and share some good things with us. Your encouragement is priceless. Thank you to those families who have taken the time to do this.

Thank you for sharing your children with us!

Cari Cockrell

Chisholm Cheers

Good things are happening at Chisholm Trail and we would love to hear about them. Your words of encouragement are invaluable to our teachers!

Capturing Kids' Hearts October Family Newsletter

We want our children to grow up confident, resilient, and with a sense of self-worth. When we EMPOWER them, we help them grow into persistent, tenacious individuals! We get to teach them skills, provide encouragement, and watch their self-confidence grow. Be the loudest voice for your children and speak into their lives, “I believe in you!”


Be the voice! Write a note to your child and leave it in an unexpected place. Affirm their positive traits, abilities, and skills with the reminder, “I believe in you!”


Take action! Empower your child to make decisions that directly impact their day. Let them choose which shirt to wear to school or which chore to finish first. Choice and voice go together. Allowing your child to make decisions builds confidence and empowers them to self-manage.


Better together! A social contract is an agreement of behaviors for how your family will treat each other.

Visit about these questions:

___How do we want to be treated by each other?

___How do we want to treat each other when we don’t agree?

Together, build a list of words that capture how you want to work as a team. Empower everyone to have a voice in the conversation. Agree to your Family Social Contract™ by having everyone sign it. Then find a place to hang it as a reminder of your commitment to each other.


Have you ever had trouble doing something new but kept at it until you figured it out? Why do you think it is important not to give up?

What is something that looks scary to you that you want to try?

What is one area at home that you think you could handle more responsibility?

The 21 Day Snack Challenge Link Will Be Sent Out Monday!

Big picture


Thank you for your continued support for our procedures this year. Children are arriving no earlier than 7:35 and entering the building safely, wearing masks.

We appreciate that you have your car tags hanging on your mirror at dismissal. In the case of a forgotten tag, we will do an ID check as efficiently as possible, but we may ask you to pull up ahead of the line and wait for a moment.

Helpful Reminders

Parents, please remember to LABEL your children's belongings. (Water bottles, jackets, masks, lunch boxes, back packs, etc.) We want all items to stay with their rightful owners. When things are left behind, it is very tricky to return them if they are not labeled. Thank you for your help with this.

Important Dates:


  • Monday, Oct. 19-21 Day Snack Challenge registration opens
  • Monday, Oct. 19-NO SCHOOL
  • Tuesday, Oct. 20-Second grading period begins


  • Tuesday, Nov. 10-virtual PTO meeting 4:00PM/6:00PM
  • Friday, Nov. 20-Picture Retakes
  • Nov. 23-27-SCHOOL HOLIDAY