Baby Signing Classes

Augment your child's language development by teaching sign!

Teaching infants and toddlers sign language has become a novelty in recent years--and for good reason. Research has shown it to have many benefits for child development, in particular, improving emotional and cognitive development. In addition, it has been shown to augment verbal language and parent/child bond.

Every parent has experienced their child throwing a tantrum or being fussy. Before that child has words, parents are forced to problem solve, predict...make an attempt to read their child's mind to help meet their child's needs. 'Baby signs' are especially beneficial for preverbal children that do not yet have the ability to communicate their wants and needs verbally.


Enroll your child in our Baby Signing program and reap the benefits of improved communication! All classes are taught at your child's school. Please inquire with office staff if interested!
Time and date TBA.

Your child's instructor:

Melissa Weigle, MS, CCC-SLP/L