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Happy May, All!

May means Mothers Day, warmer weather and Memorial Day- and I have NEW and EXCITING Beautycounter products to help you with all things that are the month of May.

Before getting into the products, there were a lot of strides made last month in the cosmetics industry. Mid-April, two U.S. senators introduced legislation that would require the Food and Drug Administration to evaluate and report on some of the ingredients used in cosmetics and personal-care products such as shampoo and skin cream. The bill would require the FDA to investigate at least five ingredients each year. The reviews would lead to the agency providing guidance about whether ingredients should continue to be used, and if so, at what concentration levels. Federal regulations of the ingredients in cosmetics and personal-care products haven't been updated for 75 years.

This is what makes Beautycounter so unique, and so important to each of you. Beautycounter provides the highest standard of health-conscious formulas in cosmetics, and we are fully transparent about the ingredients used in our products. Anything even potentially linked to illness or disease will not be used in our products, and they totally deliver too- so you can have peace of mind while looking beautiful!

What You Need To Know About This Month....

Customer Testimonials

"Within a week of switching, my hair feels so much lighter and cleaner"

- on Clean Everyday Shampoo

"For the first time ever, I actually don't feel bad washing my face"

- on Routine Clean Cream Cleanser

"This is the perfect sheer coverage I was looking for"

- on Lip Shine

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