Constitutional Convention Snapshot

By Nicholas Kaechele

Constitutional Convention

The Constitutional Convention was the convention that was set about to fix the problems associated with the Articles of Confederation. The Convention ended with the creation of the Constitution (aka, the Great Compromise). The biggest areas of debate were: representation- whether it would be by state or by population, Slavery- whether it would be kept and if slaves counted as people for taxes and representation, the presidency- how long/what their powers would be, and the powers of the federal government.

Virginia Plan

Plan that was geared more toward the larger states. Based off the ideas of James Madison. Called for three branches. Strong national government with power to make laws and levy taxes. It allowed for the creation of the House of Representatives where it is representation based on population.

New Jersey Plan

Was in favor of smaller states. Was proposed by William Paterson of New Jersey. It allowed for representation based on state- One vote per state. Was rejected even though it gained significant support from smaller states. Allowed for the creation of the Senate where there is equal representation based on statehood.

Problems of the Convention

The first problem was that it started a week later than it was suppose to start. Many representatives did not show up because they felt like the convention was going to destroy America. It took three months to finally come up with a compromise- and not everyone was in support of it even then.

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