Guinea Pigs and Diphtheria

Tess Birmingham and Gab Olges

What Can Guinea Pigs do to help the disease Diphtheria?

Doctors discovered that Guinea Pigs can get Diphtheria. This was good for doctors to know because they used this research to find more cures for humans with Diphtheria. For example, doctors did animals testing on Guinea Pigs and tested a vaccine that helped prevent humans from getting Diphtheria. They succeeded in this testing and created a vaccine against Diphtheria that is helping many people today from getting Diphtheria.

What really is Diphtheria?

Diphtheria is an illness in the nose and throat. The symptoms of Diphtheria is a sore throat, weakness or fatigue, a fever, and swollen glands in the neck. When you have Diphtheria, poisonous bacteria releases and that causes a membrane to form inside of the person's throat. This membrane can cause breathing problems.

Diphtheria Backgrounds and Vaccines: