Beach Erosion

Coastal Erosion By Emily Stafford

Main Issues with Beach Erosion

1) Transport gradient

2) Loss of sand

3) Sea level rise

4) Subsidence

5) Natural variation

Negative Effects

The coastline will lose natural barriers to hurricanes, animal habitats/ sanctuaries, and the hunting and fishing industry will be affected. Coastal erosion also has a detrimental effect on the oil industry in the region.

Areas/Regions that are Affected

  • Mississippi Delta region located in Louisiana
  • Rocky West Coast

Who or What is Caused by Beach Erosion

  • Humans are one of the reasons we have Beach Erosion
  • Beach Erosion is caused by the removal of beach or dune sediments by wave action, tidal currents, wave currents, drainage or high winds

My Solutions

  • Don't transport things as often.
  • Limit time in the water
  • Have more nets to slow the water down when moving
  • Don't play in the sand as often

Are people affected by Beach Erosion

Yes, especially if you live close to the coast because properties are put at risk.

Wildlife that are Most Affected

Sea turtles are the most affected. This is because it can negatively impact turtles if the sand is to compacted for turtles to nest in or if the sand imported, it could be drastically different from native beach sediments
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