The Bailey Bunch Kindergarten News

Ms. Bailey & Mrs. Shumpert's Class: Week May 2-6

Dear Families,
Last week we had a great time learning about farm animals. We learned that most farm animals are mammals. We read books and researched facts about cows, pigs, and sheep and are using this information to create non-fiction books about farm animals. We have become farm experts! This week we will continue our studies and learn the names of mothers and baby animals on the farm.

A note from Mrs. Kelsey...

The Ebinport SIC is looking to fill some vacant Parent positions:

The Ebinport School Improvement Council, known as the SIC, is a group of advisors who give their feedback and opinions to the school principal. They also lead initiatives towards the ultimate goal of school improvement. It is made up of parents, teachers and community members. The group meets once a month at Ebinport for one hour. Sometimes members are asked to attend or help plan some events towards the groups’ goals/initiatives. This group is not allowed by law to do any fundraising (only support) or handle monetary funds. This Ebinport group won the Riley Award for school excellence from SC SIC among entries from schools all over the state in 2016.

Some possible goals & initiatives to continue next year:


1.) Increase membership of parents who have non-immersion students from 0 to 2 members next year and to 4 the following year

2.) Diversify our membership so that it more closely represents the school community that the SIC serves

3.) Increase readership or 'opens' of school Enews from 40% to 45%

4.) Hold 2 positive parenting sessions in fall and 2 in spring


Continue: Learning Gardens, Supporting Eagle Eyes, EbinPAWS, Men of Character, Walk to School Day, & Social-Emotional Learning program to complement PBIS next year.

Contact the front office at 803-981-1550 if you are interested or email Principal Kelsey at

Hard Work Highlights

Our centers last week focused on farm animals, and oviparous and non-oviparous animals. We learned that some animals hatch from eggs while others are born alive.

Science is Super Cool!


I love teaching the children about living things. As part of our unit, we teach the children to love, respect, and care for animals great and small. To help them understand the importance of animals, we teach them about the life cycles of various animals including butterflies, frogs, and ducks. We are excited to announce that our eggs have arrived! We will soon have butterflies and ducklings. Talk to your child about these animals and all that they have learned about life cycles. Stay tuned....lots of pictures coming soon!

Animal Fun

Important Dates

  • May 14 Color Run
  • May 26 Field Day K-2

A Peek at the Week

**Some skills are repeated from week to week as they require additional time to learn and practice.
Read Alouds: Plants, Insects, Garden, Frogs, Butterflies, Farm Animals


*Place Value (tens and ones)

-Composing numbers 11-19 (using tens and ones to build)

-Decomposing numbers 11-19 (using tens and ones to break apart) Ex: 13= 10 +3

Addition and Subtraction to 10 using story problems
* What do we add to a number to equal 10? Example: 6+?=10

*Sorting/ Grouping/ and classifying objects into categories.
*Writing the numerals 1-20 with correct formation. (Ex: Some children write 51 for the number 15.)
*Measuring and Weighing objects

Writing Workshop-

* Writing, revising, and editing sentences.
* Researching farm animals and writing sentences to create non-fiction books.

* At home practice: Have your child create sentences about what he/she draws using:

-upper-case letters at the beginning of a sentence and for the pronoun "I".
-periods at the end of our sentences

Reading Workshop-

*Asking and answering (what, when, where, why) questions



Science: Living Things

*Farm animals
* Mothers and Babies--naming animals (ex: Duck--ducklings Pig--piglets)

Name Writing- Please help your child practice writing his/her first and LAST name using the proper letter formation and only capitalize the first letter. See examples of letter formations in your child's binder if you need assistance.