The Perseverance Times

By Ava Villarreal

What is Perseverance?

Perseverance is more than just getting through tough times. Perseverance means that not only do you succeed in achieving a goal, but doing so in a way that can inspire yourself and others to succeed.

Eleanor Roosevelt, the Ugly Duckling


Eleanor Roosevelt was born into what seemed like the perfect life, but that wasn't so. First of all, as as child she was called “Granny” and “The Ugly Duckling” by others because of her seriousness and her looks. In the end, it caused her to be very resilient, but at the time she didn't like it, as it made her feel inadequate. She also knew her parents had wanted a boy, and they made it obvious to her. Then, when she was only 6 years old, her father left her and her family to live in a sanitarium because of his drinking problem. Soon after that, her mother would get terrible headaches very often. Eleanor would sit with her mother for hours until she felt better. Next, at age 8, both her mother and her brother died of diphtheria. Eleanor and her baby brother were then sent to live with their grandmother, who lived in Manhattan. Not long after, Eleanor’s father died. For a while after her father’s death, Eleanor would like to pretend her father was still alive, or just sit in her room and cry. Simultaneously, Eleanor began to realize how little there was to do at her grandmother's gloomy house. She was very bored there and only had fun while visiting her uncle Ted and his family. Finally, at age 15, Eleanor was sent to a boarding school in England. Here, she worked on becoming stronger and more resilient by exercising daily and taking cold showers. She also decided to take care of her health by quitting biting her nails and eating nutritious foods. She joined the floor hockey team and won the respect of her teammates. Eleanor finally felt like she had friends who cared about her here. She became eloquent and confident, and finally felt loved.

(Picture: Eleanor Roosevelt after being married to Franklin)

Kid Presidents' Pep Talk


“Pep Talk” by Kid President was a very motivational video because of the way he speaks to the viewers. First of all, his ability to make the video personal to anyone who views it makes it motivational to the viewers, because they feel like they can accomplish anything, no matter how or why. Also, he says things like “What if Michael Jordan had quit” and “Don't stop believing”. These quotes are quotes that were said to make people think more about what they could miss if they decide to stop persevering. Lastly, he lets viewers know that its okay to falter, as long as you don't give up. As Kid President said, “This is your time. This is my time. This is our time.” That means to spend each day as if it were your last and put your best effort into everything you do each day. You and everyone else have a limited amount of time on earth, so you should make it worth it.

(Picture: Kid President in his "office")

The Longest Losing Streak


Carol Academy, a school made for troubled kids had a girls basketball team, much like other schools. What set them apart from, these other schools was their record- they hadn't won a game in years. This was a big problem for them, because all the staff at the school wanted the kids to have the best education, since they had very unfortunate situations in their lives that required for them to go to Carol Academy. A possible solution could be for the students to stay after school for longer practices and have the students practice at home. This would benefit the team because it would give them more time to learn the plays and know what to do. The only dilemma could be that if the girls stay after school, they wouldn't be home to help their families out. Many of the kids come from families with single parents, who may need their help with watching younger siblings or getting simple things done, like laundry. Also, the girls live in neighborhoods where crime may be more common, so playing outside could be more dangerous for them. Therefore, they would have to find time during the school day to practice, which could result in longer school days for the girls.

Learning from Others Perseverance

There's lots to be learned from the perseverance of others. What you can learn can help you to overcome your own adversities. You will come to know that there will be bumps and cracks in the road, but you will also learn how to handle them in the best possible way.
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