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Welcome to our November Newsletter!

{Hoot Hoot and WELCOME to all of our NEW Designers!}

Welcome to Team Faith, Love & Lockets! I'm so thrilled to have you on this journey with our awesome team and this amazing company! Here is the link to my welcome letter with some tips to help you as you get started:

It's a bit lengthy so don't be overwhelmed. Just read it at your leisure! :)


Our first team meeting was great! Because of the busy-ness of the holidays, our next meeting will be in JANUARY! Stay tuned to our Facebook page for that date. :) I love the enthusiasm to build our teams. We can do it, girls!


The Bust Challenge:

Complete any (or all) of the following for a ticket(s) into the drawing to win an Origami Owl Linen Bust! The drawing will take place on Tuesday, November 12 and I will announce the winner on our Facebook page! :)

*List 15 benefits/positives of O2 and post here (keep it brief and all in one post) - 1 ticket

*Create a Dream Board and post it on our page or email it to me at - 1 ticket

*Contact friends and family - in or out of state - and share the O2 opportunity with them. (1 ticket per person. Email me the names of the people you contact so I can add your tickets.)

*Book Jewelry Bars or Facebook Parties and email me the dates of the parties so I can add your tickets. (1 ticket for each party booked)

*Email your goals to me. Where would you like to be by the end of January 2014? - 1 ticket


Our long awaited New system is now live and up and running! Make sure you are logging in at (scroll to bottom) and hit Designer Login. To go straight to the login screen, you can bookmark the login link. I highly suggest you watch webinars and read PDFs to train on the new system. They are great and walk you through each step. After you use it a time or two and get used to it, I think we will all grow to LOVE all the fabulous new features they have put into place for us. You may see a few new sneak peaks of things to come that aren't quite ready yet...but wow! How exciting!

Your Designer Landing Page:
Placing a Wholesale Order:
Order Summary Page:
Creating a New Jewelry Bar:
Jewelry Bar Assistant:
How to Place a Jewelry Bar Order:
Enrolling New Recruits:
Reports Dashboard:
Sales Volume:
Designer Performance Summary:
Sales and Sponsoring:
Commissions Summary:
Downline Report:
Sponsorship Report:
Career Coach:
My Preferences:
Your Personal Website:
Contact Manager:
My Leads:


Jewelry Bar Assistant

How to place a JB Order

Creating a New Jewelry Bar

Order Summary

If you are experiencing Technical Difficulties, please report them to the IT Dept via the Contact Form. Contact Us (bottom of your back office page) >Designer>Technical Issue. Please be sure to include all details to help them replicate the issue, including the browser you are using.

Before calling the Nest, please work with your mentor if possible to eliminate the flood of calls.

It is important to clear your cache and or cookies when working with a new system. This will tell you the importance and how to! (please note...this is not by our IT or from our system...just a general post).

{Hostess Jewelry Bar link}

Going forward it is very important that you supply the Hostess with her Jewelry Bar code and that customers attach orders to the Jewelry Bars. This can be done in multiple ways now. We now have the option to send some pretty awesome emails to our hostesses when setting up the Jewelry Bar. This will send her a link to login via the hostess link, (where she can then add guests and send more emails) and also a direct link to order from her Jewelry Bar. There will also be a JB code that is given in the Jewelry Bar that the customer could enter (JaneDoe123456), and there is also a Hostess search feature that they can search for their hostess. Please stress the importance of getting those orders attached to the correct Jewelry Bar to your hostesses so they will receive the proper credit!


DON'T FORGET THAT OUR SHIPPING OPTIONS HAVE CHANGED!!! Make sure you print this out to have with you at Jewelry Bars and in the hostess folders.

$4 Shipping is now only available when 4 or more orders are shipping to the hostess (or whatever address is entered as hostess address...Ie-if you want it to be yours. You can put in actual Jewelry Bar location address also when you are setting up the JB.) Direct shipping is still available at a higher rate, and is based on how much the order is and the type of shipping they want.


All of our Take Out Menu items listed "Available in November" are available for purchase (by Designers and customers) on Friday night, Nov 8th at Midnight EST. I know you are as excited as I am!!! This is a great catapult for your November sales! I would make sure to contact previous hostesses and customers as these would make fabulous gifts for the holidays! Consider hosting a holiday preview party for your special customers and hostesses.

**Note, the link lockets do not come with the bracelets or over the heart chains. They are to be purchased separately so they can be interchanged if they want to have both items. A medium or mini locket can be purchased to put on the dangle bracelet. All of our items are a-la-carte'.

{Hostess and Designer Lead Program} Another great reason to grow your team and remain active!

When a future Designer signs up to join O2, or a potential Hostess wants to have a Jewelry Bar but doesn’t know a Designer, we send leads to our awesome Designers to follow up. This week, we’ve outlined how the Nest will be assigning these leads, going forward.


  • Designer leads will be sent to those who have maintained paid-as Senior Team Leader or above status for three consecutive months.
  • Designers must contact the lead within 48 hours, or the lead will be reassigned.
  • If a Designer does not qualify as paid-as STL or above in any month, they must achieve that qualification level for three consecutive months before they would be assigned another lead.
  • Leads are assigned based on geography.


  • Hostess leads are assigned to Designers who have maintained paid-as Team Leader status or above for three consecutive months.
  • If a Designer does not qualify as paid-as Team Leader or above in any month, they must achieve that qualification level for three consecutive months before they would be assigned another lead.
  • Leads are assigned based on geography.

So, get out there and rock your business to make sure you’re getting new leads!

To activate your Leads, go to Tools, and then manage Leads to Opt-In to receive leads if you are eligible.

{Reminder: PayQuicker Launches in November}

PayQuicker will make getting paid super simple. Many of you have already enrolled for your account, which we’ll begin using with the weekly commissions paid on November 8.(Some commission for October will be paid through direct deposit/paper check…see FAQ for more information.) If you haven’t registered, and if you’ve been with O2 since before October 3, you received an email last week with your customized registration link. If you’re newer to O2, you’ll be receiving this email link shortly.

If a Designer has not registered by our first payday, they’ll receive an email saying they’ve got money waiting to be deposited in their account, and letting them know it’s time to sign up.


To constantly grow your business it is so important to continue training. On our team and at Origami Owl, we believe in offering the most training possible to make your business a success! Here are a few great training webinars made available to you. Check your Back Office resources for all training webinars provided by The Nest.

***How to ROCK your Jewelry Bar (by Heather Hall)

A complete walk through of how to present the best, most profitable Jewelry Bar!

Here's the links for the two part training on Jewelry Bars

password: rockin - part one - part two

Expand your business with Facebook Parties (by Heather Hall)


Facebook Party:

Webinar that contains a walk through on setting up your Facebook page (by the Savvy Socialista)

password: oocall

Setting up your Pinterest page (by the Savvy Socialista)

password: oocall

Using your Customer Newsletter "O2 Connection" -



Team Leader and Mentor for Team Faith, Love & Lockets

Cindy Hall