Marisela Cecilio


The setting is where and when the story takes place. The setting in this story is at Harrys house.
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In this story they use situational irony which is when an event of outcome of events opposite to what was or might naturally been expected. The reason is because the doctor and the other character thought that Harry would be bitten by the snake.
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Categorie of conflict

Man vs Self is involved in this story which is when the character struggles inside and has trouble deciding what to do. In this story when Harry is laying down and has the snake in the mattress with him so he doesn't know to react by the situation. He also feels like screaming but he can't because if he moves the snake my get scared and bite him.
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Theme is the moral of the story. In this story the theme is that not all dreams always come true. "Sometimes you mind doesn't think at all so use your heart"
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