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December 2015

Amy Derkowski

Enrolled ~ June 21, 2012

Senior Consultant ~ Sept. 2012

Director ~ March 2013

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Hello Night Owls!

How excited were you all for the Spring/Summer Product Premiere? I just love coming together with hundreds of Thirty-One sisters to check out the newness coming our way! Thirty-One always does a nice job keeping on trend with its pattern and product choices! Which are you most excited about?

This catalog change is different then we are used to since the next one starts February 1st. I fully know how challenging Ready, Set, Sell is going to be to achieve, but I am committed to rise to the challenge. Start your plan now and share the great hostess specials for January. Not only do hostesses have the opportunity to get three products that will help them organize, they also have the chance to pick out their favorite hostess exclusive for free with a $600 party! Make sure your hostesses realize all of the hostess exclusives are retiring, so they will really want to set their sights on a $600 party!

At your January parties, come with the new Spring/Summer catalog in a gift bag with a sign that says "Book to Look!" You can even throw in the teaser products from the October incentive and product premiere amenity to get them excited.


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Share the Gift of the Opportunity!

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Carrie Luke

Lives in Endwell, NY

Recruited by Amy Derkowski

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November Party Owls $400+

Kathy Price $432

Team Stats ~ November 2015

Total parties 16

Total recruits 0

Team sales $7,906

Team members 18

Director's Stats - November 2015

Number of parties: 5

Numer of recruits: 1

Party Volume: $2,633

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