~and a happy new year!🎼🎼

Here comes Christmas, Hanukkah, and Kwanzaa; and we all know what that means!

  • peace!
  • goodwill
  • a time of family
  • the time of the year when all the people are nice to each other!

Enjoy the Holidays!

Happy hanukkah

Merry christmas

happy kwanzaa

Feliz navidad

bon fête de noël!

take time out of your day to tell your friend, your family member, or even someone you don't usually talk to, something kind and sincere. It'll make their day, and probably yours too.
whether you're staying at home this break or going across the globe, enjoy it! odds are you'll never get to experience this exact break again.

don't be a hater, enjoy the holidays!

(see? even the haters below are happy for the holidays!)