Wrangler Weekly

May 15, 2022

We ROCKED through one week of STAAR!

One more week to go.


Visitors are not allowed on campus during testing days for testing security purposes.

STAAR Dates:

May 17 - STAAR 5th Grade Reading

May 18 - STAAR 3rd and 4th Grade Reading

May 19 - STAAR 5th Grade Science

No cell phones or personal electronic devices during STAAR

"As per the Texas Education Agency (TEA), the use of cell phones and other personal electronic devices including smart watches, laptops, tablet computers, portable listening or recording devices, cameras or other photographic equipment, devices that can access the internet and any other electronic device during testing is not permitted.

Electronic devices must be powered off and turned in to the Test Administrator to hold until ALL students have completed the test. Being in possession of any electronic device(s) will result in NOT SCORING the test and disciplinary action will be taken by campus administration.

Telecommunications devices that disrupt the education process, are used inappropriately or when not allowed by a teacher or staff member or used in violation of the Student Code of Conduct may be temporarily confiscated. School personnel will collect the electronic device and turn it in to the principal's office. Parents, guardians, and/or a third party that retains legal right of ownership may obtain release of the electronic device for a monetary fine of $15.00."

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PTO Board Needs YOU!

PTO wants YOU! We are excited and hopeful as we look ahead to the 2022-2023 school year. That means we need your help! Many hands make light work!

We are looking for parents who are eager to support Williams Elementary through various events, fundraisers, and activities. If you are interested in being a part of the PTO board in any capacity, please let us know.

Please see the flyer below for more information. You can email williamsptomail@gmail.com with any questions you may have and/or to add your name to our list of candidates.

Next School Year Class Placement

In these final weeks of school, we have already started preparing for the 2022-2023 school year! In order to get an accurate count of students returning and how many staff members we will need, please let us know if your child(ren) will NOT be returning next year by either emailing or sending a note to your child’s teacher.

Also, please know that we do not take teacher requests, nor do we take special arrangement requests (i.e placement with friends/family). Not only do we have a wonderful staff of teachers who plan together to ensure equal opportunities of achievement, but we also have a collaborative system for classroom placement for our students that includes our administrators, teachers and instructional specialists. We consider achievement data (GRA, Cogat, STAAR, etc.), grades and personality/behavior when forming our class lists. It is also a common practice to split up siblings (including twins and triplets) the best we can so that everyone has their own opportunity at independence and success!

First Annual Williams Elementary Uniform Drive hosted by SW Nazarene Church

SW Nazarene Church wants to support our families by hosting a uniform drive on campus the last two days of school! Bring your too small uniform tops and bottoms to donate.

Items will be organized and available for families in need at the beginning of next school year.

See flyer below.

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Register Now! (flyers below)

  1. Connect Family Event – Splash into Summer Learning by joining the Connect Family Events team on Saturday, June 4th as we partner with the Children's Museum of Houston to bring the Parent Stars "Fun Shop" to LCISD. Elementary students and their families will engage in hands-on activities that focus on themes such as math, science, literacy, art, and physical activity. You won't want to miss the fantastic lineup of community members sharing summer themed read-alouds, the Storytime Mini-Musical "Chicken Big" from Books Alive!, Screen Printing with Danny Russo, plus the LEAF Choice Books Shopping Experience, family games, prizes and more! LCISD elementary students and their families are eligible to register for this no-cost event. Registered families will receive a pass for 6 people to visit the Children's Museum of Houston/Ft. Bend Discovery Center. Link: https://forms.office.com/pages/responsepage.aspx?id=YLr5XW0hUkih1cpB5PakUpB5s_TZpnpFgvruV_GFbStURVZIMlBXWEtZWklHSTFHMURWM09VSzZNQy4u
  2. Camp ConnectRising 2nd through 5th grade students (currently in 1st through 4th grade) may register to experience the adventure of summer camp while engaging in hands-on activities that unleash their inner maker, scientist, artist, and coder — all in a collaborative, inclusive environment that cultivates wonder and a knack for exploration. Registration is on a first come, first served basis, and is required for this no-cost opportunity. There are (3), five-day sessions beginning Monday, June 6th and continuing through Friday, June 27th. Priority consideration will be given to students enrolled at a Title I campus and a total of 300 students will be served. Transportation to and from camp is not provided. Nutritious snacks and water will be available. Link: https://forms.office.com/pages/responsepage.aspx?id=YLr5XW0hUkih1cpB5PakUoOSbdXg0s9HjiAhGQCcvrVUMFlTSENMS0hSNDlCREJLM1oxVkMzTVkwRCQlQCN0PWcu
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Message from Coach Cavallo, GRHS

We are having our Little Longhorns football camp May 31-June 3 and would love for all the Wranglers to come. Let's build the Maroon track spirit this year!

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Polly Ryon Middle School Band Info for 5th Graders

It's that time of year where we finally get to meet our future Longhorn Band members at one of our beginner selection dates. The dates for instrument selection are Friday, May 13 and Saturday May 14 at the Polly Ryon Cafeteria.

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Quail Cam is Up!

We are excited to share that our Quail Eggs have arrived, and our “Quail Cam” is live streaming from the Science Lab.

To get to the Livestream visit our campus youtube page: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC8yMQdwry9V1ddPmtBH6Grg

Weekly Parent-School Connection

Connecting school and home makes us a great community of learners! You can also engage in learning by reading the weekly newsletter that usually goes out on Fridays from your homeroom teacher in Canvas. The weekly newsletter tells you what they will study in the upcoming week, any upcoming grades, and/or activities in class. #stayconnected

Measuring Treats


Read the ingredients for a chocolate chip cookie recipe or your favorite treat. Help measure to make the cookies and discuss why it’s important to get the measurements correct. Enjoy!


Read and measure the ingredients yourself for a chocolate chip recipe or your favorite treat. Discuss why it’s important to get the measurements correct. Enjoy!

Practice at Home

Here are a few resources below for additional practice at home if your Wrangler has free time :)
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Join PTO!

Field Trips are underway! Did you know that every Wrangler will go on a PTO sponsored field trip by the end of the year? Please consider paying your dues to PTO just to help with that cost.

Membership Dues are $15 per family, pay here: www.Williams.ptboard.com/home

You may also order a PTO spirit shirt at the link above!

Also join our PTO Facebook group: https://www.facebook.com/ManfordWilliamsPTO

Williams Bell Schedule

  • 7:00 am- Doors open (1st - 5th report to class - they may grab their breakfast before heading to class, PK & Kinder report to cafeteria)
  • 7:30 am- Tardy bell
  • 9:30 am- Attendance bell
  • 2:00 pm- Transportation Changes deadline
  • 2:55 pm- Dismissal

Spring Semester Important Dates

*All dates are tentative. New dates and/or changes will be italicized.

May 17 - STAAR 5th Grade Reading

May 18 - STAAR 3rd and 4th Grade Reading

May 19 - STAAR 5th Grade Science

May 20 - FINAL Outdoor lunch - pay $1

May 23 - End of Year Awards for Grades 1-4 (students may dress up)

May 24 - End of Year Programs for Kinder (9am) and 5th Grade (11am) - students may dress up

May 25 - Character Counts Day - wear color by grade level

May 25 - May 26 - Used Uniform School Drive - drop items off from 7-7:30am

May 26 - End of Year Awards for PK and ECSE/Pegasus

May 26 - End of Year Parties for all grades

May 26 - Final Report Cards posted in Skyward, paper copies will also come home with students

May 26 - Last day of school

Manford Williams Elementary School

Mission statement:

The mission of Manford Williams Elementary School is to prepare students socially and academically to be lifelong learners and responsible, productive citizens in a competitive global society.

Vision statement:

The vision of Manford Williams Elementary School is to provide a rigorous and stimulating environment that engages all students while preparing them to become global innovators, well-rounded citizens, diverse thinkers, and lifelong learners.